BLANTYRE (Maravipost)–Big Brother Africa (BBA) reality TV on Monday revealed a 24-year-old Sipe as second Malawian representative to this year’s edition dubbed Hotshot.

Sipe, a Lilongwe based hairdresser with Malawi Schools Certificate in Education and ICM Hotel and Catering Management qualification, joins fellow Malawian Mr 265, who was unveiled last week.

She single singer and actress Beyonce Knowles as her model because “she is hard working and she makes it look easy. I’d love to be like her”.

Sipe’s favourite foods are nsima with chicken and okra, Pizza, Thai foods and Indian cuisine.

Her favourite musicians are Beyonce, Brandy, Sam Smith and Zahara while Idris Elba and Angelina Jolie are her favourite actors.

Her favourite TV shows are Keeping up with the Kardashians and Idols.

Sipe’s favourite place in her home country is Lake Malawi because “it relaxes her” whereas Paris is her favourite place outside Malawi.

“It’s the most beautiful place in the world and I always imagine spending time on my honeymoon there.

“It’s the city of love,” she says.

The best thing bout Africa, she claims, are the people, landscape and the food.

While Mr 265 entered BBA Hotshots because he always thought he could win it, when he used to watch it.

“It’s easy to criticise people on different things, especially when you don’t know how it’s like being in their shoes.

“I have watched Big Brother for a while and I have always told myself I can win the show, I can do better, but I don’t know what really goes on. So I have given myself a challenge to
now step into the shoes I wasn’t wearing before and see how I will walk with them,” he says.


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