By Mulotwa Mulotwa

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-Malawi is a very small place. Granted, one can recuse themselves from anything, everything. I know Acting Inspector – General [IG] Mr. George Kainja.

But as they say in the world of ink, loyalty is to the public.

In an objective environment, a leader must surround himself with smart people to deliver exceptionally.

At times in Malawi, some leaders would want to surround themselves with idiots, of course, on their obvious journey to failure.

This is why Acting IG Kainja’s decision to chase away three smart & talented cops from Area 30 in the name of transfers is very suspect. Overtures that they’ve been moved to head new regions is purely a screen-saver!

Deputy Commissioners; Richard Luhanga, Noel Kayira and Commissioner Tedious Samveka have been moved out of Area 30 to Thyolo, Kasungu and Mzuzu in that order. Very experienced & all educated to Masters level.

We will, share qualifications & experience of those that are intended to replace the trio. You will collapse!

His wife heading fiscal department

Mrs. Ireen Kaphamtengo Kainja is a lucky woman. She joined Malawi Police in 2001 from being a house wife to the present Acting IG.

She joined Malawi Police with a JC. Nothing wrong.

3 to 4 years ago, she wrote MSCE & acquired a semblance of a certificate. Nothing wrong. We have both certificates, the grades are a marvel!

Look, the new Government is fighting corruption. Acting IG; Kainja has decided to make his bedmate Deputy Head of Fiscal & Fraud.

Now that explains why the fight against DPP misdeeds is going nowhere. It is a very disjointed fight. Fiscal & Fraud Unit is critical & requires special talent. Fiscal & Fraud issues are complex.

Malawi Police has several educated & well trained people, from Accountants to Lawyers. It might seem Acting IG is an enemy of talent & is committed to lowering standards.

Meanwhile, the Acting IG has reshuffled top talent in favour of mediocrity.This is not the Police that will deliver on the Tonse Alliance agenda.

Godot, we waited for long. Acting IG Kainja is messing your reputation.Godot, I will tell the Almeida fiasco- you will be disappointed.

On a lighter note, all that English – Noel Kayira- hammered at the Tally Centre, bringing him to stardom during elections will be wasted in Kasungu. This is the cop who assured the country that the DPP narrative of their missing Monitors during elections was bogus.

Godot, we waited for long, but Acting IG Kainja has promoted his wife to be Deputy Head of Fiscal and Fraud Section!

While she is a cop too, eyes are out on stalks with this promotion, given that there are other better qualified people, especially ladies in the service.

Godot, we waited for long, but Peter Mukhito’s fake interrogation remains under a cloud at the watch of Acting IG Kainja.

Public Appointments Committee [PAC] you have some grilling to do before confirming Mr. Kainja as IG.

He might turn out not to be the right fit for the role in the new Republic – which rode on a revolutionary agenda.

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