Our Computer, Malawi, is damaged. The system has become corrupted so much so that the damage has affected the motherboard thereby making the rebooting process slow and unreliable.

This computer needs to be fixed. Reliable technicians are hard to find, what we get are just bogus ones although they call themselves professionals. These technicians come, they lie to us, they eat from us and they go.

We are desperate to have the computer fixed by a professional technician but unfortunately almost all the establishments are full of fake and unreliable technicians.

We feel duped by the firms that keep on advertising the very same type of technicians by just changing their names and dress them with very attractive attires such as overalls, t-shirts, wrappers and caps.

They are redevising their marketing strategies to attract buyers. What we get are the same untrustworthy technicians that cannot be relied upon.

When we hire them, what we get is the same old agonizing services as such the restoration exercise of our Computer doesn’t seem to come to an end.

Now what is the purpose of hiring technicians when they have always failed their job? Anyway for the sake of being seen as we are doing something to get the computer fixed, we will just go ahead to hire one, otherwise we are not sure with the technician whether he will be able to fix the computer or not.

We are spending a lot of money hiring and paying technicians who don’t seem to know their job. In fact what is happening is that we are enriching them at our own expense.

When Malawians voted for multiparty democracy, their expectations were that their lives will be improved. Their areas will have better roads, health facilities, schools and their income will change for the better. But what do we see now?

Our country is at a standstill. It is as good as living in the era of colonialism where people were made slaves in their own country. 
People can’t find drugs in their hospitals; the youth are unemployed despite habitual promises from those seeking top government positions.

We can’t see any difference between autocratic and democratic rule because the fruits are almost the same.

We are killed in cold blood. We are forced to choose things that we don’t like. We are forced to dance so that we get things that are from our own sweat, from our taxes and fees.

We are being chewed like bubblegum. After they have finished chewing, we are thrown away.

Like the Israelites, we are still hopeful that someday with the help of God Himself, things gonna be alright. Keep on praying to God, for He shall see us through and we will be led into the promised land.

Our computer, Malawi, will be fixed by a professional technician and start running in full swing for the benefit of all.

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