deputy police chief John Nyondo on shame for hiding behind MDF soldiers upon receiving HRDC petition on Msundwe rape saga

By Nenenji Mlangeni

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-The picture you are seeing is real. This is the whole Deputy Inspector General of Police John Nyondo ‘hiding’ behind some Malawi Defence Force soldiers during demonstrations in Lilongwe.

What a shame. Instead of providing ‘internal’ security as is expected of him, Nyondo here confirms that Police have failed their job of protecting citizens and offering them security as stipulated by law.

Malawi Defence Force mandate is to protect the sovereignty of the country from outside forces while the dear mighty Malawi Police Service are mandated to offer internal security.

But Nyondo, being the second powerful man in the Malawi Police Service decided to abandon his job which Malawians pay him handsomely for and decided to hide behind Malawi Defence Force soldiers.

A top security expert said in an interview that Nyondo has shamed himself and the entire Malawi Police Service with his act.

“This is shameful and embarrassing. If the man who is mandated by law to protect us is hiding behind Malawi Defence Force soldiers, what is he implying? That police are not capable to handle internal security?” Wondered the expert.

“We cannot let the Army handle our internal security, its dangerous. There are reasons why Malawi Defence Force protect the sovereignty of the country and not police. I am expecting to see Nyondo resigning by tomorrow because this is a no no for a Police Chief like him,” he added.

Several police officers we spoke to said they were embarrassed by Nyondo and his actions does not inspire confidence.

“This is embarrassing! Now how do junior officers behave when they see the Army? This is a big scandal of all time,” said a police officer who did not want to be named.

Nyondo refused to comment when contacted about the embarrassing picture.

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