There are some things we take for granted that needs serious attention as a nation. As we are all aware, unemployment rate is rampant in this country, and there is scrambling for the scarce space in the work force. 

This has led people resort to the survival of the fittest rule, that if you do not have connections, it means you have a long way to go for you to break into any job. 

It should be understood that anyone would wish his daughter and sons or even his wife to be on a good job. But the traditional at the Malawi police service leaves a lot to be desired. At first I thought it was normal when some of my friends who happen to be the children of police men were recruited in the force even after not attending the interview. 

Over the years the tendencies have gone viral and it has to be treated as a serious Ebola virus. The way Malawi police service is recruiting people it is unfair. There are a lot of people, young brilliant men who have all the papers but there chances are being buried at the expense of uneducated children, cousins, daughter and wives of police men, soon we are going to here that the dogs are being recruited as well. 

It hurts much if you think of the people who waste their resources and time to attend the police interview yet they have people already recruited. And I have also heard from reliable sources that police children are considered first at the expense of others. Who has introduced quarter system in the force?

I think it’s high time the authority has to investigate and scrutinize the recruitment criteria in the force and drastic measures needs to be taken care of, because as it is now the police force is like a clan, where you have sons, daughters, brothers, cousins, nephews, in-laws, grandparents andeven wives.

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