My Fellow Malawians 

Good morning, It is a fact that all of us want to live in a nation of peace with guaranteed freedom of thoughts and conscience but it is also a fact that such freedom was not present less than two years ago before I took over the mantle of leadership. People considered as political dissidents were arrested, assaulted, their properties damaged and sadly others died unnatural deaths. Surely things were very bad and our nation’s human rights record was so worrying but the moment I took over as your leader everything changed. 

You are my witnesses that I have never and will never condone any form of violence towards another person nor damage to the property. You know very well I don’t believe in violence but I believe in God and humanity. Therefore my message to you all today is to refrain from any form of violence or retaliations based on what happened yesterday, violence has never been a solution. Violence and revenge are signs of failure and incompetence. 

Therefore I fully condemn what happened yesterday and those reponsible for the death of a police officer (May His Soul Rest in Peace) and injuring severral members of the public will surely face the law. We must all stand together as one people with a community spirit and show that indeed, Malawians from all corners of the country are their brother’s keepers. 

Lastly, I assure you all that with us, this country is in safe hands than before. Therefore lets not look back to that dark past of history when leaders did nothing to protect your freedom but move forward together so no one faces brutality for making a political choice. 

Have a blessed day! 

Dr Joyce Banda
President of the Republic of Malawi


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