Malawi Minister Massi and Zambia Energy Minister Nkhuwa, 

The Chipata Mchinji 33 KV cross-border power supply line has been switched on.

This means Malawi has added 20 megawatts to its grid, a development which is expected to improve electricity supply in the country.


Kasungu, Mchinji, and part of Lilongwe districts are direct beneficiaries of the cross-border power supply line but other areas in the country are expected to benefit from the power that was used by the three districts.


Speaking at the switch on ceremony of the line at Mwami Mchinji border on Monday, Minister of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining, Aggrey Masi, said the development is a milestone as hours of power outages will reduce in Malawi.


On his part, Zambian Energy Minister, Matthew Nkhuwa, said his country has 700 megawatts spare power which they are willing to export.


But Masi says the 20 megawatts is just a starting point as going forward, Malawi would be exporting more to improve power supply in the country.


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