By Rafiq Hajat

Tired of my fellow Malawians always complaining! Only wanting to act when things are not going right! I have a few questions we need to ponder on going forward!

  1. Did you volunteer to be a monitor for your party to secure its vote? Only a handful did and in most cases they did it for an allowance not as patriotic Malawians…not all but most!
  2. Malawi Law Society (MLS) now friends of the court! Ahem..could you not have been proactive? Could you not have placed a lawyer at every district providing pro-bono counsel to the many that dared take part…cross party?
  3. Our accountants, economist, insurance bodies etc…all you with a membership saying you are educated have achieved status in life. Did you on just this one day volunteer to put fuel in your car and monitor these elections..You were free to apply as monitors to Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC), did you? You could have offered to provide checks and balances..Did you?

4.Did you offer to stand up and be counted..On the ballot or campaigning for your candidate and not just on Facebook? Here complaining of the crop that is in ..hello ..where were you?

Now stop complaining, stop being reactionary, we failed to act when  it mattered most!!!!

Corrupt governments in Africa count on the illiteracy of its masses, the indifference and the non participation of the educated. This is not unique to Malawi. We get what we deserve!

Now  you are in the comforts of your homes cursing Malawi because of your inactivity…. No! You let Malawi down! Not the rural based Malawian that takes time to participate for whatever reason even if its just for a T-shirt or for a meal card!!!

I chose to side with Malawi.. Its our collective responsibility as citizens and majority of those of us who could have done something DID NOTHING and DO NOTHING.

Malawi Will Rise!


DisclaimerViews expressed in this article are not necessarily the views of the Publisher or the Editor of Maravi Post

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