Capital Radio's Mcfarlene Mbewe
Capital Radio’s Mcfarlene Mbewe went Personal in the Questioning of MEC Chairperson Jane Ansah

Malawi reporter, MacFarlane Mbewe who opened his questioning by complementing how well Jane Ansah looked, especially her earrings has apologized. The reporter went on to allege that the Commonwealth poll observer team leader Thabo Mbeki left the country in anger because he was not happy with the whole election management system.


The behavior of the reporter angered the normally mild-mannered Jane Ansah.  She asked him If he could indulge her to be personnel as well since he had gone there. Jane then asked him how old he was to which he answered 30 years.

Then she asked Mbewe which education level he attained, to which he said he was studying for a degree at College of Accountancy.

The reporter seemed not to be not cooperating with the master of the ceremony Sangwani Mwafulirwa who cautioned him avoid reflecting on the MEC chair.

Soon after the questions, Mbewe left the Comesa hall in Blantyre where the press briefing was taking place and one of his colleagues apologized to Chairperson Ansah and MEC officials.

However, all is as well as the young reporter after facing humiliating viral attacks on social media has issued the apology below.

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