LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-Malawian youths and women are reportedly being sidelined on comprehensive social protection programs.

The development has ended them into abject poverty due to unemployment levels which is rating at 21 percent.

The revelations comes despite Malawi government touting community colleges that is designed to absorb youths into informal sector of work.

Aisha Katungwe, Action Aid program officer for social justice under Norad Project told the panel discussion on social protection on Friday in the capital Lilongwe that many youths and women are left out in the program.

Katungwe disclosed that only children and elderly are the only ones looked after leaving youths and women idling.

She implored government to put serious measures to complement social protection programs that meet youth and women needs including decent work, provision on microsoft-loans, and access to education among others.

On vocational training promoted to reduce unemployment levels, Katungwe doubted if the entire nation is benefiting from it, “Community college initiative it’s not making that impact as only few youths are benefiting. What about vulnerable women?”

Stanley Mazani, Coordinator for youth’ and women rights in Activista Youth Network in Malawi observed that only handouts are the only ones being championed.

“Social protection is a human right enshrined in local and international legal frame work that responsible governments including Malawi must champion. Handouts are not social protections programs.

”We need serious comprehensive social protection programs that will empower women and youth economically”, urges Mazani.