By Victoria Milanzi

As Malawi and rest of the world is experiencing the harsh effects of climate change, youths in the country have been urged to take a leading role in climate change issues.

This has been established during a training organised by Malawi Scotland partinership at Crown hotel in Lilongwe with an aim to engage young people in Malawi in the social, economic and environmental challenges posed by climate change in their communities and on a global scale.

Speaking to this reporter project coordinator for the Malawi Scotland partinership working in the Climate Justice project Promise Matatiyo said they engaged the youths because they are the ones who are and will feel the devastating effects of climate change.

“We believe that young people are the biggest losers to climate change because they are facing the effects today and they will even face it in the future. We think it is important for the youths to take a leading role in the fight against climate change,” he said.

Matatiyo added that youths should be in the forefront in dealing with climate change issues because if they don’t they are the ones to suffer more.

“Youths are the biggest victims when it comes to the effects of climate change and knowing that young people have the energy and the zeal we thought of capitalize that,” said Matatiyo.

He further said that young people are in majority in the country and working with them will have a great impact.

Matatiyo said they expect the climate change young leaders to go into their communities and influence a shift in thinking in young people interms of climate change and take it as an issue that affects them.

“Youths must take action and should do things that mitigate climate change. No matter how small it is youths must do something about Climate change,” he said

He concluded by saying that climate Change is a big issue so it is important to take action and working with young people is the right step.

He also urged people in the communities to coordinate with the young leaders.

During the training young people were equipped with knowledge from Dominic Nyasulu from the National Youth Council of Malawi who encouraged the climate change youths leaders to stand up and speak with one voice in issues to do with climate change.

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