The naming of nine extra ministers – to make ten – of the twenty cabinet ministers we were promised by President Peter Mutharika in the wee hours of Thursday may deprive him of the respect the citizens of Malawi have for him as an organised personality.

Lo! Malawians, for God’s sake, know Mutharika as a seasoned, world acclaimed, award winning law professor of international repute and, therefore, someone they expect to be organised at all costs. Of all people, teachers or lecturers are expected to be the most organised considering the tasks – of shaping future leaders and technocrats – they are endowed with.

But, it seems, Mutharika is not such. We, at The Maravi Post, suspect that Mutharika might as well be so much disorganized to aptly organize important matters of the state which, he, as CEO of Plot No. 1 in this country must put first.

It was baffling to learn, from the State House Press Office in Lilongwe, that Mutharika would name the rest of his team over the weekend – possibly while enjoying some caresses from his beau Gertrude Maseko in some poshy bedroom at Ndata Farm in Thyolo after a “well-wishers” sponsored traditional wedding. Well, he might have his good reasons for why he has settled for the weekend. After all, did we not hear his State House press officer say thorough “screening?”

The problem, however, is on the priorities. Much as wedding Ma’am Gertrude is his constitutional right and birth right, Malawians expected Mutharika to sort out his Capital Hill business first. Malawians expect Mutharika to set principles in the way he runs government business. If he knew he could not give us the full list by Thursday, why couldn’t he have waited for the weekend he has promised to name the rest of the members to give us a full list? Should, we then, be surprised when he names another two this weekend and then another four after his honeymoon with Ma’am Gertrude and so on?

Malawians, for sure, need a full meal, and not the shoddy piece-meal way of running government business which Mutharika is sadly displaying.

Mutharika must and can do better!

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