Rev Gama (left) and Rev Maulidi

By Nenenji Mlangeni

BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)-The CCAP Blantyre synod goes to the polls next week with initial indications of a landslide win by Rev Buxton Maulidi as Secretary General after revelations that his hottest rival contender Rev Billy Gama has a infidelity unresolved case which the church authorities are suppressing.

Rev Maulidi has become the favourite after inside church communication revealed that the current church leadership of Rev Alex Maulana has for the past two years suppressed an investigation into Rev Gama’s fidelity misconduct when he was pictured with a secret lover at the lake.

“That investigation has been put under the drawer by Rev Maulana for two years now because they want to pave way for Rev Gama to stand. But people in the church have started questioning this issue and that is what has now tipped the odds in favour of Rev Maulidi,” said a source privy to the issues at the Synod.

Rev Gama hit the headline when the picture with a ‘woman friend’ at the lake went viral on social media two years ago and the church said they were going to investigate the issue.

The church is yet to investigate the issue, a move that has angered some sections of the church leadership.

One cleric who did not want to be named said most of the people who will vote at the general assembly have resorted to support Rev Maulidi saying he is humble and exemplary.

Others are claiming that Rev Gama and outgoing Secretary General Rev Maulana are ‘well known’ DPP operatives and will not allow them to bring politics in the church.

“Everyone knows that these two are DPP cadets and that is why even Rev Gama was not even investigated on his issue. This is putting the church into disrepute and many people have seen this and will speak through their vote next week,” said one cleric.

He alleged that Rev Gama has been given ‘a lot of money by the ruling DPP’ to campaign for the position.

“It is sad that we have allowed politicians, especially from DPP to penetrate and confuse the church. God will be on our side to direct us to the right path,” added another cleric.

The other candidates to contest for the Secretary General position include Revs Cliff Nyekanyeka, Collen Mbawa, Dr. Tiakuze Chitsulo and Lazarus Kadango.


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