Malawi’s CCAP Blantyre Synod in support of COVID-19 vaccine: disregard “myths and misinformation”

BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)—As some church leaders are wooing their members to snub Covid-19 vaccine on suspicion that it is related to the biblical story of the ‘mark of the beast’ in the book of Revelation, Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP) Blantyre Synod has appealed to the general public to disregard such “fake news and misinformation.”

In a statement issued on Thursday signed Reverend Master Jumbe, the Synod, through the Church and Society Department, says the propaganda that the vaccine is meant to eliminate Africans is baseless considering the fact that developing countries in Africa have been using vaccines from the West since time in memorial.

“The Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP) Blantyre Synod through the Church and Society Department is issuing this statement with an aim of appealing to the general public to guard against fake news and misinformation propaganda circulated on social media and other platforms regarding the side effects of the Covid-19 vaccine to be rolled out in this country.

“ According to the announcement made on Sunday, 31st January 2021 by the State President, His Excellency Dr Lazarus Chakwera, government has secured ‘doses of AstraZeneca vaccine’ through the Covax7 facility to be rolled out come March this year. However, there is a widespread proliferation of myths and misconceptions against the said vaccine,” reads the statement.

It reads further: “Guided by our mandate and our calling to a holistic ministry, we are concerned that these misconceptions, misinformation, myths and fake news regarding the Covid-19 vaccine side effects, if not properly addressed will have the potential to create resistance from the general public thereby negatively affecting the battle against the pandemic.

“Additionally, the widespread fake news on social media has the potential of creating un- necessary tension, anxiety, fear and stress amongst Malawians. It is cheap propaganda that the vaccine is meant to kill all Africans. The fact is, Covid-19 will kill not only Africans but the world population where there is no vaccine. Malawi and Africa in general has received vaccines from the West in the past and continue to do so now. Vaccines for measles, Tuberculosis, polio, malaria which are administered to children under the ages of Five in this country are all made in the West.”

The Synod has, therefore, appealed to the faith and traditional leaders to desist from discouraging their subjects through unfounded rumours and stories.

They has also asked  political party leaders to avoid politicizing the Covid-19 pandemic in any way but to join hands with government in disseminating correct information to their followers.

“As we have said before the battle against the Covid-19 pandemic can be won only if all of us pull in the same direction. Pulling into opposite directions will only take all of us into early graves,” warned the Synod.

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