Hip-hop artist Phyzix donates to Mangochi district hospital

By Donata Mpochela

MANGOCHI-(MaraviPost)-After failing to provide some services to patients due to unavailability of some critical hospital equipment, two executive members, a Hip-hop artist Phyzix in conjunction with Galaxy Pharmaceuticals donated three boxes of blood collection tube and laundry soap all worth MK600 000 to support Mangochi District Hospital.

The Managing Director for Galaxy Pharmaceuticals, Tarang Makhecha said they chose Phyzix among other artists because he has been doing a lot of things empowering youths.

“Phyzix has been doing a lot of possessions for youth lately and we would like to support artists that are helping and making a change in the community,” explained Tarang

Tarang revealed that they were not aware of a particular hospital but they would donate to any hospital and organization in need.

He lauded: “All we want is to give back to the community and help a little we can.

“We will be more than happy to make more donations to the projects in need and for the right cause,” Tarang said.

Hip-hop artist Phyzix said they are praying for provision to donate something to a school or health centre under the ‘Kugawa Makofi’ music tour across the country.

“The first three months is Kugawa Makofi Tour, themes will be changing every month but on the same tour as we started to donate some exercise books and other school items at Mzamba Primary School in Chigumula, Blantyre, then we donated blood collection tubes at Mangochi Hospital.

“We believe schools and health centre’s need a lot of things even though we haven’t fully solved their problems but we have handed over items that will ease some pressure to inspire others to do the same so that we collectively contribute towards making a better Malawi,” Phyzix explained.

Phyzix disclosed that this will be a continuation in districts where they will be performing as the country wide music tour will be a platform for a great cause to contribute to the community.

Mangochi District Hospital Spokesperson, Harold Kabuluzi expressed his gratitude to Phyzix and Galaxy Pharmaceuticals for extending support to the hospital which has, for about so many years now, served the people of Mangochi beyond under-resourced.

He outlined several challenges facing the health facility and indicated how the new equipment would improve service delivery.

He said the hospital received several cases that needed further investigations, but due to lack of requisite hospital equipments they failed to give the best support to patients.

“As much as we needed these blood collection tubes, it is always going to be very beneficial to our hospital, will now serve many lives,” Kabuluzi said.

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