Thousands of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) supporters marched in a peaceful demonstration to express discontent with Malawi Constitutional Court (ConCourt) Judgement over Presidential elections. The five judges suspected with affiliations to MCP are now correctly being pursued for their miscarriage of Justice.

The most corrupt and partisan judges malawi have ever had – justices Healey Potani, Mike Tembo, Dingiswayo Madise, Ivy Kamanga and Redson Kapindu

It is obvious to many DPP supporters that Judges Healey Potani, Mike Tembo, Dingiswayo Madise, Ivy Kamanga and Redson Kapindu were in the pocket of someone based on their one-sided judgement despite mountain of evidence that tippex was done to correct errors and only that.

The match took place on Monday, February 17, 2020 from DPP Sunnyside offices to Blantyre city council civic offices.

Speaking to Journalists after presenting a 10-point petition DPP Treasure General Henry Mussa said as the party they are not satisfied with the Constitutional Court Judgement regarding May 21, 2020 presidential election.

Mussa further said the party wants Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) to investigate the allegations that some people wanted to give bribes to constitutional court Judges and also that some of the judges are related to some of the petitioners.

Echoing on the same, DPP southern region governor Charles Mchacha applauded supporters for remaining peaceful during the match.

On February 3, 2020 ConCourt ordered fresh presidential elections to be held within 150 days due to irregularities that marred the May 21, 2019 presidential elections. This was done even though there was no evidence showing that the claimed irregularities favored Peter Mutharika.

The whole ConCourt ruling was full of Opinions rather than Facts. It just showed that the Judges Healey Potani, Mike Tembo, Dingiswayo Madise, Ivy Kamanga and Redson Kapindu are politicians and partisan.

There is also Social Media rumors that in 2006 Lazarus Chakwera Officiated the Wedding of Judge Redson Kapindu. Kapindu is one of Five Judges who delivered that ridiculous Judgement that he needs to be investigated for by ACB.

Potani should have Recused himself

Judge Potani’s inclusion in elections case stirred debate

At the onset of the case, there were questions on the inclusion of Potani on the bench to hear the case since he recused himself from a similar case in 2014, saying his brother Harris worked for Mec.

Harris Potani still works for Mec as deputy chief elections officer responsible for operations but Registrar of the Judiciary, Agnes Patemba, defended the inclusion of Potani in the panel.

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