Man caught

KASUNGU-(MaraviPost)-The Malawi police in the central district of Kasungu are keeping in custody a man suspected to have attempted to exhume a dead person’s bones at the grave yard.

According to Zodiak online, grave diggers from Gundani village in the area of Chief Kaomba in the district on Wednesday afternoon, November 17, 2021 caught a man who was allegedly trying to exhume bones of a dead person from Chayamba grave yard.

Senior GVH Gundani has told Zodiak the man was armed with a shovel removing soil from the tomb.

The GVH says the aim behind the suspect’s alleged action remains unknown.

“The grave diggers were digging a fresh grave for another dead person on one side when they were informed that a man was destroying a tomb on the other side,” she said.

The man has been handed over to the police .

More to come……

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