Bishop Ziyaye beamoned lack of priests in the church pic by St Padre Pio

By Tione Andsen

Archbishop of the Lilongwe Archdiocese, Rev Tarcisius Ziyaye has bemoaned shortage priests in the diocese as a major setback for its continued growth.

He said this Sunday when he conducted a Pentecost mass at St Padre Church an outstation of Kaggwa Parish of area 49 in Lilongwe.

He said the diocese is faced with a number of challenges which include shortage of priests to enable the church establish more parishes.

“The present challenge is that there more demands from several outstations within the diocese who are requesting to be considered to be a parish on their own. We are currently failing to answer them on their request since we have shortages of church priests to man those newly established parishes,” Ziyaye explained.

The Archbishop was responding to the call in which St Padre Piochurch was requesting to be considered as a parish in order to enable them operateon their own.

Ziyaye added that despite outlining a number of achievements the church has madein order for t to qualify as a parish, there was need for the church members to commit themselves fully to the attainment of the new status.

“As a church we need to pray for it and God will one day answer our wish to become a parish will be attained,” he pointed out.

Padre Pio Parish Priest, Fr Constantine Mgunda said the Council need tm take up the responsibility when requesting to be a parish.

“To establish a Parish is very simple and easy but difficult at times to manage it,” he observed.

Mgunda explained that most of the time, members of the church have been viewing that he was the one who is blocking the realization of the parish status of St Padre Pio Church adding that the decision is solely in the hands of Archbishop.

He thanked Archbishop Ziyaye for visiting the Padre Pio Church on Pentecost Sunday to share with the church member’s word of God and blessings.

Chairperson of St Padre Pio Church, John Bosco Phiri said the church need to reposition itself in order to encourage its members to remain in the church.

He said the Church need to attain the parish status in order toencourage more Christians to appreciate that we are no longer an outstation as it has been for the past years.

“Church members have been calling for a second mass service, English mass and the implementation of special youth programmes and all Christians. Members of the Church council have been working very hard in order to attain the status of Parish for long,” Phiri added.

Vice Chairperson for Kaggwa parish, Emmanuel Mwase hailed St Padre Pio Church for being instrumental in the development of the parish for years.

“Padres Pio Church is one of the pinners that spearheaded the establishment of Catholic Men Organization (CMO) for Lilongwe Diocese despite being an outstation of Kaggwa Parish. To us for the church to attain the status will not be a problem since they have demonstrated total commitment in the development of the church in general,” he stated.

Lilongwe Archdiocese has 39 Parishes and Maula Denary has nine Parishes.


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