It appears MCP’s leader Lazarus Chakwera has seen that his path to confrontational politics will lead to a dead end. If papers in Malawi have to be believed he is now calling for unity and reconciliation with the APM led government.

The calls for unity are coming from the same guy who refused to accept the results of an election in May. Chakwera and his supporters including his party spokesperson the never shy from confrontation Jessie Kabwila were running a stealth campaign to influence many Malawians through social Media that they won the election even though data showed otherwise.


This same Chakwera and his cohorts were inflating the number of Parliamentary seats they had won. Their reprehensive behavior was bordering on treason and they should be thankful Peter Mutharika has chosen a more conciliatory path.

This is the same man of God who refused to show up for the reconciliation luncheon Peter Mutharika hosted for all the candidates he defeated in May.

Apparently Chakwera told Malawi media that despite being disappointed after Democratic Progressive Party’s Peter Mutharika was declared winner in the presidential race in May, he has moved on and no longer had held any grudges.

Based on his speeches and actions since he lost the elections fair and square it hard to believe he does not harbor any bitterness. The problems of Malawi are many and one would expect the politicians to work together instead of the path MCP and its leader has chosen.

Chakwera should realize actions speak louder than words. If he is serious people need to see him in public working with government. He can learn a lot from Young Atupele Muluzi who has put his political ambitions aside and serving Malawians through the Mutharika Government.

So one would understand if the Mutharika government receives this olive branch with the suspicion it deserves.

According to him, his message of reconciliation should not be taken as a sign of weakness but a thought for Malawi’s peace because peace was very important for the progress of the country.

No one suggested Chakwera is weak, in fact most people would say he thinks too highly of himself. This is the man who dethroned JZU from the Kingdom from nowhere. I bet I am not the only person who until that time had never heard of this man.

Dr. Lazarus Chakwera I and many others would like to believe your new soft side. However many of us believe that underneath that cloak of Christianity lies a very bitter and ambitious politician who will do everything in power to ascend to the highest office in Malawi. So may be reconciliation now is the path to satisfy that ambition.

For now will watch what you do not what you say.

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