MEJN gathered faith leaders in Lilongwe

By Esther Banda

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-Inequalities in social sectors will soon be a malpractice of the past as Malawi Economic Justice Network (MEJN) is strategically implementing a five year social accountability project to uproot the vice.

The project titled, “Fighting Inequalities in Social Sectors”, is receiving funding and technical support from NORAD/DANIDA through the Norwegian Church Aid -NCA in partnership with Danish Church Aid (DCA) under their program called Joint County Program.

To equip project drivers, MEJN gathered faith leaders in Lilongwe to orient them on how they can help advocate for the eradication of social and economic inequalities in education, health and social security programs.

Chairman of the Ethics, Peace and Justice Commission of the Evangelical Association of Malawi, Dr. Zacc Kawalala has challenged the leaders to be result focused if the workshop is to be unique.

“In Malawi, we have had a lot of workshops. People go to the lake, to the conferences, seminars, workshops where resolutions are made but nothing {practical} comes out. MEJN or any other organization can organize a program but the desired outcome which can positively impact livelihoods of the targeted people is not met,” explained Dr. Kawalala.

He added, “it is possible to fight inequality, it is not something that can not be done. It can be done if there is a resolve, if there is political will and if men of faith who have got the critical mass in society take a concerted direction, a movement that says, this is what we want to end, this evil must end. Let there be an end to inequality, let there be equity in the land.”

Speaking during the same forum, Malawi Assemblies of God President Dr. Andrew Dube observed that inequality is a very complicated topic which is difficult for them to holistically address it.

“Inequality is a very complicated topic, though we have to try but it’s not possible for us to holistically address it because the root of it is what is difficult. The root is in character, it’s in human nature and when you look in human nature it’s not easy to address that unless there is real transformation from inside out but what people often do is from outside which makes the work not practical. People are struggling because others are taking advantage of them. So the fight is tough, it will be long but we have to be determined,” Dube explained.

In her remarks, MEJN Chief Executive Officer Bertha Lipipa Phiri said it is possible to fight inequalities if organizations work together as key players.

“It is possible to fight inequalities. Perhaps what people should be saying is a challenge to attain economic growth which we have been struggling to achieve as a nation. So in our perceptions as MEJN it has been a challenge, it has been difficult to attain economic development particular in the projections we have had. But if we talk of reducing inequalities it’s always doable, she explained.

She added, “our expectation is to work hand in hand with faith leaders to mount efforts and advance our advocacy agenda.”

The project started in the year 2020, with an annual funding of MK76.5 million.

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