Registration in progress

Minister of Civic Education, Culture and Community Development, Cecilia Chazama has commended Malawians for their high turn-up for the national registration exercise, a development attributed to good working partnerships amongst stakeholders such as the National Initiative for Civic Education Trust, media, religious and traditional leaders.

Speaking when she addressed members of Ntcheu District Registration Task Force prior to visiting some registration centres in the district, Chazama, said government is impressed with the progress of the registration exercise.

“Let me  say that large numbers of Malawians are being registered and this shows that Malawians appreciate the importance of the exercise and government will continue providing all the necessary support for the smooth running of the exercise,” said Chazama.

Chazama then commended all stakeholders who were responsible for conducting mass awareness campaign and civic education to ensure that Malawians get registered.

The minister also commended Malawians for playing their role in preventing foreigners from being registered.

“This registration exercise is for Malawians only, and should be guarded from any form of abuse by foreigners and this advice should be taken seriously especially in the border districts,” she said.

Also speaking when she addressed people that gathered at Mtchakhatha Court Registration centre in the district, Chazama said the registration exercise is not related to any form of political activity such as voting.

“This exercise is just a process so that you are later provided with national citizenship identification cards and these cards would in future assist you to access social services, these cards will be used for opening of bank accounts, passport applications among others,” said Chazama.

Commenting on some malpractices being perpetrated by some registration clerks and village heads who are alleged to have been demanding money from people to get registered, Chazama appealed to members of District Registration Task Force to investigate the issues and bring anyone involved to book.

“Such malpractices are criminal in nature and should be reported to relevant authorities for action,” she said.

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