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Morocco has suspended all ties with the German embassy in the country over its stance on Western Sahara.

The suspension of relations was announced by Morocco’s foreign affairs ministry who cited “deep disagreements concerning crucial issues.”

In December, 2020 Germany criticized then-US President Donald Trump for recognizing Morocco’s sovereignty over Western Sahara.

A senior diplomat said Morocco’s decision to suspend ties with Germany was also a response to not receiving an invitation to an international meeting about Libya last year.

When Berlin hosted a conference in January 2020 to address the situation in Libya, Morocco was expecting to be invited.

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Although Germany invited many heads of state from counties involved in the conflict in Libya, it did not extend that invitation to Morocco.

Western Sahara is a former Spanish colony which was annexed by Morocco in 1975.

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It has been the subject of a dispute between the Moroccans and the indigenous people, led by the Polisario Front.

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The Polisario Front, an Algerian-backed independence movement, has long called for a vote on Western Sahara’s self-determination.

The pro-independence front represents the local Sahrawi population, which has fought Morocco over the territory for years.

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