Kamangirah in the middle -Wants Mota-Angil contracts be stopped

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-The country’s civil right group under the banner body under the banner Center for Mindset Change (CMC) on Tuesday, October 5, 2021 continued exposing Mota-Engil Africa for shoddy and unfinished Malawi government infrastructure projects while the company keeps on ballooning contracts prices against initial agreements.

CMC told the news conference in the capital Lilongwe that Mota-Engil has the past three years fail to meet contractual agreement of completing projects while exceeding contract prices without remorse.

The grouping is worried with authorities for continual awarding Mota-Engil contracts amid taxpayers monies gone down the drawn.

CMC Executive Director Phillip Kamangirah cited the MK MK48.2 billion (US$74 million Marka-Bngula Railway Section Rehabilitation which contract price will go up.

Kamangirah also questioned the legality of the evaluation committee that awarded Mota-Engil without serious scrutiny.

“The Marka -Bangula Railway Rehabilitation has not yet started and no price was ballooned. We only believe that the price in the bidding is lower but there are possibilities of raiding the price when they start work. The ballooned price is for CEAR which ended up terminating the contract,” observes Kamangirah.

He has therefore given the committee 24 hours to refund the allowances it pocketed in Salima when evaluating a shoddy contract awarding to Mota-Engil.

“Mota-Engil got a project from Central East and Africa Railways (CEAR) at contract price of US$70, 035, 427.94. But as of last year (2020) the contract amount had ballooned to US$74, 021, 600.41. This means the contract price has exceeded by US$3,986, 172.47.

“Now, that’s not all, all this has happened when physical progress of works on the site are at 53%. The project is only half way through the contract but the contract amount has been already been exceeded. The exciting, yet not good thing is that the awarded price for Mota-Engil was the like lowest bidder but with the revised contract amount, they are higher than other contractors, ” observes Kamangirah

He adds, “We stand with the concerned contractors that lodged a complaint to Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) on Marka-Bangula Railway contract. They are justified to complain to ACB and not ministry of transport and public works. We agree with the concerned contractors that there was suspected favoritism in the way the alleged bid winner was awarded this project.

“We agree with the concerned contractors that the alleged bid winner;Mota-Engil has a tendency of hiding things to look like a lowest bidder and only bring them up during the construction stage. We urge all government institutions to safeguard our tax by scrutinizing such deals when evaluating bids”.

Kamangira therefore assured the nation with serious exposure of shoddy deals which local and international companies are being awarded warning that “Turning point is now for exposing corrupt individuals, companies that are reaping from the poors hard earned taxes”.

“We want all contracts that were dubiously awarded to Mota-Engil be revised and cancelled that taxpayers money be saved for the purpose,” he urges.

Mota-Engil has been refusing to comment on matter since it started coming out a month ago.

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