The Malawi police in the boarder district of Dedza are keeping in a custody a 52 year old man from Mozambique  for attempting to traffic 26 Malawians (14 adults and 12 minors), to Mozambique to work on his farm.
Central Region Police publicist Nolliettie Chihana Chimala has identified the suspect as Yamikani Liston from Namapanga village, T/A Mphero, in Makanga, Mozambique.
The suspected is married to a Malawian woman whom  they live together in Mozambique where he owns a farm.
Chihana Chimala told The Maravi Post that following a prior arrangement, recently Liston came to Malawi at Thundu village, T/A Kasumbu, in Dedza and took the 26 victims using a hired vehicle.On their way to Mozambique upon reaching Zebedayo village, the victims were dropped to walk on foot in order to cross over to Mozambique.
The police publicist added that near Maya border between Malawi and Mozambique, the suspect was arrested by police officers on foot patrols along the boarder when they were about to enter into Mozambique using an uncharted route.
“The suspect is in police custody awaiting trial on the charge which is contrary to section 14 (1) of the Trafficking in persons act. The victims are being kept at Dedza police station waiting to be taken to their respective homes.
‘Police is therefore advising people to refuse such offers and to report these suspicious people to police whenever they come to their villages,” urges Chihana.
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