Bisnowaty: launches a cleaning exercise that will see the Lilongwe markets wearing a new face

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)- The governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Member of Parliament (MP) for Lilongwe City Centre constituency, David Bisnowarty on Wednesday launched a cleaning exercise that will see the area’s markets wearing a new face.

The initiative aims at responding to general outcry of escalation of inconsiderate garbage disposal, which is tainting the constituency in the hub of the capital, Lilongwe.

Inconsiderate dumping of rubbish in all city markets, has accumulated in the year since the city council authority took charge of the garbage disposal collection.

The development has instilled fear, disgust and anxiety amongst city residents who fear possible waterborne disease outbreak.

This is contrary to the city dwellers’ expectation from city council authorities, considering huge revenues collected daily for the such services as garbage collection.

In an interview with The Maravi Post after the launching of the cleaning exercise at Area 18 market, MP Bisnowarty emphasized the need for the public to take charge of development works, which includes sanitation and hygiene. He said the public should be on the look out, when authorities fail their duties.

Bisnowarty disclosed that the cleaning initiative, will run the whole month of June in all the constituency’s markets, until the garbage is removed.

Bisnowarty expressed concern on uncollected garbage that is tainting the city’s image, despite residents committing themselves to city taxes.

Bisnowarty therefore, demanded accountability of revenue usage from city council authorities so that residents get better services they deserve.

“We can’t live like this in the city, which the hub of the country. How can city council fail to collect rubbish in markets for a year, although it is getting taxes from residents? City dwellers deserve better services from the council. We need to know the exact usages of our taxes they do collect.

“While we are waiting for the new city council chief executive and directors, I thought it was necessary to initiate the cleaning exercise, to remove all the garbage in the markets. The exercise will run the whole month of June. Therefore, I am calling upon constituents to support the initiative,” Bisnowarty said.

The cleaning exercise launch attracted ward councilors, youths, party loyalists, block leaders, and residents.

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