The Member of Parliament for Machinga Likwenu, _Hon Bright Msaka,  Sc_, who is also DPP Vice President for the Eastern Region, today joined leaders of the Water Users Association (WUA) and scaled the steep Chikala mountains to inspect the water intake point at  Namikomya River.

Some parts of Machinga Likwenu Constituency are provided with piped water from Namikomya water scheme. However, there is chronic erratic flow of water most of the year and when the water flows, the pressure is exceptionally low which leads the constituents to prefer boreholes instead of piped water.

The Member of Parliament therefore decided to go to the source of the problem, to appreciate the challenges WUA faces in supplying reliable piped water to his constituents. The MP emphasized that water is life and committed himself to ensure that the supply of piped water to his Constituency improves. The MP therefore agreed to support the WUA to find resources to increase the water intake at Namikomya.

In his remarks, Chairman of WUA, Mr Masache, said that he was impressed by the commitment of Hon Msaka to help resolve the water woes for the area. Mr Masache observed that since the Namikomya water scheme was established in 1980, this was the first time a member of Parliament has  visited the in-take point to appreciate the reason for water problems in the area. The Chairman  pledged to work with Hon Msaka to end the water challenges in the area.

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