Moda Fumulani

By Esther Banda

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-Mponera’s Hillside Executive Lodge owner Lawrence Nyirongo is bankrolling Moda Fumulani’s tribute song to his brother Gift Fumulani.

Nyirongo is expected to coffer about MK5 million towards the launch of the song titled, “Respect for Gift Fumulani” across the country.

Nyirongo told the Maravi Post that has an interest in local music hence decided to help Moda to come up with an album that the artist be established himself saying the latter is talented..

“It’s not just about Moda, if you look at alot of musicians, they straggle because of the way fans treat them. They may release an album but will see that the album is violated and they don’t even get anything from that.

“If you look at Moda, you will see that he is a talented artist. If it had been that Moda was in another Country, like RSA, UK, USA or Jamaica, Moda could be a well established artist. So, besides taking Moda as a brother, I decided to help him so that he can establish himself,” Nyirongo explained

In his part, Moda Fumulani said that dedicated the album to his brother Gift Fumulani who died in 2008 as the only way to honour him for he has made him to be who he is today.

“What you have to know first is that there is no Moda Fumulani without Gift Fumulani. Whatever I am today and whatever i have today, I give all the respect and credits to my beloved late brother Gift.

“The late Gift was my Mentor and he gave me all the guidance and support that made me to reach this far. So it was my wish to dedicate this album to him so that wherever he is today, he should feel honoured and proud that I’m who I’m today because of him,” Fumulani said

He further disclosed that he failed to launch his first album titled Loto La Falawo in 2008 due to financial problems hence grateful to Nyirongo’s support.

“This is my second album, my first album had 10 tracks, five songs were done by my brother Gift. But due to financial problems, I couldn’t be able to launch it. The current album contains 10 songs with one song as a surprise to my fans. I already released 4 songs for promotion, Nthiti yanga, Lingalira, Munthu M’chirombo and Konza Moyo Wako just to name a few.”

“I’m so grateful to Mr Nyirongo for what he has done to me. He has been there since day one of this album. He believed in me and he always have confidence in me that I have a potential to be somewhere with my Music,” he explained

Echoing on the same, Black Missionaries band manager Ras Ray Harawa urged music loverMalawians to support Him as they used to with his Late brother Gift.

“The man has been in the music industry since 2007, it’s been 13 years now and he is carrying the legacy of his brother Gift Fumulani and even their father Arnold  Fumulani. So, I feel that with such background and even looking at his talent, the young man needs people’s support. We expect his music to sell as much as Gift music was selling the time he was with us on this earth,” Harawa explained

The album will be launched on November 27,in Blantyre at Zinziri along Chileka road then November 28, 2020 at M1 Center Point in Lilongwe.

All the venues, Moda will be supported by several artists including Black Missionaries band, Anthony Makondetsa, Lulu, Attoti Manje, Khozie Masimbe, Yanjanani Chumbu, Santy, Lenzo Mhlanga and Positive Yut and among others.

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