By Alick Junior Sichali

There are fears that Mwanza and Likoma districts will continue lacking female lawmakers as there is no woman from the districts that has shown interest to contest in the forthcoming general elections.

50-50 Campaign Agency Team Leader, Viwemi Chavula, made the revelation saying amongst 586 women that have registered with the agency none is from the two districts.

Chavula said it is worrisome that women in the country continue to lack self-confidence that they can participate and deliver in politics.

According to the team leader 586 women have registered in its exercise of allocating women who are willing to contest in the forthcoming tripartite elections.

He said among 586 women, 286 are geared to contest on the seat of a member of parliament while 300 women are up for the positions of councilors.

But surprisingly, among the 586 women none is from Mwanza and Likoma district which has bring fears among the Malawian populace and the agency that the two districts will continue lacking women leaders.

‘It is sad to note that after 53 years of attaining independence women are lacking confidence that they can do well in politics and grab higher position in government sectors”, Chavula said.

He however said it’s high time political parties strategies ways of motivating women in contesting in senior positions in their party’s.

With this in mind, Chavula has urged women in the country to register in the ongoing exercise saying 50-50 agency is ready to support them in any ways

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