Made See and Namadingo during good time

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-On Sunday, April 11, 2021 being my birthday, ended in a mixed bag of happiness and shock particularly on sports and entertainment circles when my Arsenal (in English Premiere League) won three nil to Sheffied United while on other side came across a video circulation on social media of young upcoming musician Made See wage war against Patience Namadingo who made him into fame with financial support from FHD bank.

In the video clip, Made See is seen with a guy damning Namadingo of using the boy for his own selfish interests than of the kid.

The young lad is accusing Namadingo of failing to nurture his music talent but rather forcing him into school which he was not ready.

After watching the video clip, millions questions came as to why the young boy could turn against his mentor when all in all the nation thought Made See was at school as publicized.

Eventually, quick investigation carried revealed that the young boy kept on sneaking out of boarding school on weekends back home for no apparent reasons.

The Maravi Post once promoted one of Made See’ songs with Namadingo on official facebook page hence this article that Namadingo must not give up on the young boy.

Now, with the video clip’s exposure that school was imposed on him, the boy is very right not contrary.

Made See outburst on Namadingo has however received with reactions on social media that the boy is ungrateful hence no further support needed while others agree with Made See.

Jembe; Made See popular song with Namadingo

What was missed?

Listen, we don’t take people’s complaints seriously until they commit suicide. Sometimes, just sometime, listen to people and take some time to reflect situations before your verdicts.

The boy Made See went to Namadingo to seek music direction and help, but it was decided he gets school help, something he had already failed before turning to talent.

And this did not happen in silence, it was all over social media, taking him from shop to shop, introducing him to life that they knew would be temporary.

Most of you have never tested fame. You have no idea what it feels like to walk down the streets and hear people whisper you name in admiration. Again, only few understand what it means to walk down the same streets and hear people whisper your downfall and failure.

This boy was introduced to a luxury life and to a life of cameras. His face and story was used for charity and PR stunts. He had quite a story. Namadingo benefited from that story. It pushed his public image and even contributed to him being awarded that honorary ‘Dr.’ title.

Now the boy speaks out on failed dreams, you are here accusing him of being ungrateful, to what? Is it not his face and story that was used to paint those helping him as “Good people, with a heart to help?” On smoking part, has he started that now? Did you not observe it from the very same beginning?

Sending a boy to school with a clause that if he fails that school then he won’t be helped musically was a scam in itself. You gave the boy a limelight and took it away for failing something he is not good at. Something we all knew he would fail. You rich people are damn clever. You know how to defeat the poor.

Against his will and capabilities, you have tried school, it failed. Now try what he yearns for and something he is capable of. Don’t insult the boy. Give him what he is good at. Dont just use his poverty to get yourselves honorary titles. Walk the talk of such.

And some of you claim he was looking happy with Namadingo. Well, there is a difference between looking happy and being happy. 99% of you people here on Facebook look happy.


Namadingo and his team were supposed to support and nurture the boy’s talent, and not imposing their own ‘school bla bla’ mentality on him. Most of the successful artists in life are school dropouts.

It’s time we learn to give people what they actually ask for, not what we think is right for them. There is no correlation between success and education.

The boy sees no future in the classroom, but in the music studio- they should have given him that and guided him to effectively make use of his talent to change his life for the better.

The fact is, the boy is not actually ungrateful but hurt that he was used as a pawn in their PR stunts. We feel sorry for him, it’s now back to default settings; no more HD cameras and staged fame.

We pray that the boy learns from all this.

Notice: Additional information by Kelvin Sulugwe, former Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s Spokesperson

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