Nellie GeorgeLilongwe, 23 August, 2015: All roads in the fashion world will lead to Ditsong National Museum of Cultural His­tory in Pretoria, South Africa where Nellie George, Founder and Owner of Nells Secret Possessions is expected to represent Malawi at this year’s RVK Fashion Week from 11th to 12th September.

Speaking to Malawi News Agency (Mana) in an exclusive interview on Saturday, George said she is expecting to deliver the best and impress fashionistas with what Malawi has to offer in the blossoming fashion industry.


“This country has a brighter future in fashion industry, Malawians love to dress up and we are such a people that are in track with fashion, on top of that we are proud of being Africans hence the African print fabric which is now the one that is in fashion and we are all adapting to it.

“I see us having many factories exporting abroad and also reducing the imported clothes from overseas because overall we shall have the capability of achieving the best though we have started on a small scale. I see the bigger picture of it no matter how long it may take,” said the confident local designer, George.

Having discovered her own Nells Secret Possessions fashion line in 2009, The RVK Fashion Week Malawi representative further disclosed that fashion is her inborn talent.

“It has always been an inborn inspiration to be honest. I have always had the passion for fashion, I would work with fabric at a very tender age, altering things and creating my own from scratch,” she recalled.

Since then, she worked with FAME, participated in Mr and Mrs CFC with Cathy Kamthunzi in 2010 and also participated in fashion shows in South Africa with Cathy Kamthunzi who had involved her to go and participate with as fashion designers.

“Me and Cathy worked brilliantly as a team, then I happened to go to Ireland for about 3 years and I came back in 2014. Since then I have only participated in one show that took place at BICC with John Dumelo and Lilly Alfonso in June this year, that is where RVK discovered me,” She revealed.

As a fashion designer, with the little that she makes George also reaches out to orphans as she believes in reaching out to community at another level.

“There is more I plan to do as a Malawian citizen and I will achieve that not only to be known as a fashion designer but I would like to touch the community in a different way with my work and my talent that God has entrusted me with,” said George.

The RVK fashion week has attracted designers such as Onyansani from Ghana, Mary Martin London from London, Prince from Togo, Chimwemwe from Kenya, Maria Emmanuel from Namibia, Joseph from Nigeria­, Gazibo from Swaziland, martin Mokena from Tanzania and 10 best local designers from Gauteng and surrounding areas.

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