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Politics and Religion: The top citizen abashes Malawian society

“Everything rises and falls on leadership”- John Maxwell

 I learnt with a shock that dead bodies at KCH have no space to be laid on. I was tempted to ignore assuming it may be an exaggeration considering that such things cannot happen if we have a leadership in place but then, I remembered that some so called leaders are irresponsible. PP government has been blowing a trumpet that MCP killed many people, I wonder if there is a record of how many if at all the number can compare with that which Cash gate has arrogated. We are told that MCP killed Sangala, Gadama, Matenje and many others. The issue went to court and the government lost because of insufficient evidences to prove the crime. Despite that, Bakili Muluzi and Bingu wa Mutharika used the demise of Sangala, Gadama and Matenje as a campaign vessel claiming that they were clean while MCP was blooded. Well, this is true to some extent but tell me, which party is clean in this country. If we are to vote on May 20, is just a matter of electing the lesser evil.

After claiming to be a political engineer, Bakili disgraced pastors and bishops during his tenure saying they should stay away from politics forgetting that they took a lead role in fighting Kamuzu’s one party system of government. Some chiefs were beaten in public. In 2001, there was a serious hunger in Malawi and many people died due to incompetent leadership to sort things out. Despite people losing their lives as a result of hunger, Bakili’s government took to task any chief who begged the president on political rally to help hunger situation in his area. We haven’t forgotten about Matafali’s mysterious death either.

Bingu started well but finished badly as Galatians, like Billy Kaunda sung in reference to Bakili Muluzi’s leadership. DPP cadets beat anyone they heard criticising Mutharika’s government. We know how many people died just for expressing their dissatisfaction with Mutharika government in the street on July 20, 2011. We haven’t forgotten about Chasowa’s mysterious death also.

These are the deaths we know and partly history though difficult to forget. I haven’t’ heard of any mysterious death with PP government because many of the deaths taking place are in lay man’s language. However, note that some drivers get imprisoned not because they hit someone deliberately but because of killing out of negligent driving. This is the case with PP government. We have lost many of our brothers and sisters out of government’s negligence to provide basic social services. Our lovely doctors and nurses took to street pressuring government to provide them with enough drugs and apparatus to use in hospitals and medical centres but alas, the loud noise has been hitting on deaf ears. This may be because none of their relatives is part of such suffering. May be because, they have money to fly out of the country for medical attention. However, don’t forget that when there were no necessary drugs at Kamuzu Central Hospital, Bingu died before he was flown to South Africa, who knows what may happen next. When people and doctors complained about lack of drugs in our hospitals, one irresponsible PP member attributed it to opposition interference in government affairs. He meant that hospitals are full of drugs but doctors are influenced by opposition parties to stage demonstrations just to discredit government. For sure, a responsible government cannot dare to vomit such bubbles. I think it’s high time we sued the PP government for lives lost out of its negligence so as to put it to record that PP has killed many people than any other government we have ever had. Imagine about 30 decomposed dead bodies buried in mass graves at Biwi cemetery as if we had genocide.

As John Maxwell says “everything rises and falls on leadership.” If we had enough security, drugs, quality education, employment opportunities, good roads and other social amenities, good salaries for civil servants and many others, it would be JB given credit. Now that we have a contrary situation, JB should receive the equal measure, I mean being discredited.

It is not a surprise that cold rooms are broken down. These fridges are always full since many people are dying of treatable diseases at KCH and other hospitals due to lack of drugs. We expect nothing less. This is a manifestation of a careless government which is set to bring indignity in our society. I believe that the hospital management reported this to the ministry of health or whosoever is responsible for repair or purchase of new fringes but this is happening out of negligence or insufficient funds since cash gate has finished it all. It’s pitiful our ministers are not functional either. All they know is to make the bow of the year like that of Binton Kutsaira. It pains me to hear ministers and MPs saying that, “I will do my best to please madam president. I will always pay my allegiance to her.” What a shame! You should first pay your allegiance to us electorates before anyone else. Malawian politicians are very disappointing and embarrassing.

I am afraid, if this government can be this irresponsible even after few months to general elections, how much worse and damage will it do if given a five year mandate. I expected this government to appeal for more votes by being sensitive to people’s concerns but alas, it is so insensitive. I wonder if we still need such a government after May 20. Dead bodies lying in wards, is very unMalawian. How can a sick fellow recover when s/he sees dead bodies all over around? My fellow Malawians, you know better how many people have died due to PP’s irresponsible governance. It is up to you to judge which party has killed many people. Count how many hospitals and health centres we have and record how many people have died due to lack of drugs within these two years. Then tell me which party is clean in Malawi.

Fortunately, we have May 20 as Jimmy Kainja said, “to vote for achievable policies and not one’s political survival.” We have May 20 to make a decisive choice for the next five years, to continue with this abashment and irresponsible government or try another. People have never died like this in our hospitals with the past governments, this is too much. The so called Human Rights Organisations are just scratching on JB’s back without tactual action on this irresponsibility but making noise about legalising homosexuality. So disappointing! They want to take Malawi government to court on the issue of criminalising homosexuals instead of suing government on issues like this. If I had enough money for legal battle, I would have sued the government myself as a concerned citizen. This is uncalled for.

I cry for my mother Malawi but I am consoled for God is a righteous judge and He will soon judge accordingly!



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