Pop Dogg

Malawian born hip-hop maestro Pop Dogg, in collaborated with R&B singer Dan Lu will release their single called Work So Hard. An announcement from Pop Dogg said the release date to drop ?on the single ?on the local and international radio stations ?is July 17?.

“Celebration, jubilation/ my success, full dedication/Malawian Ninjaz rule the nation/I ain’t illuminati but illu-mination” are some of the lines Pop Dogg skilfully raps on the song. He is quick to deny, however the fact that illuminati plays a major role in his success.
The artist who recently made headlines on Africa Day festivities in Ireland, and UMP festival in Malawi last year, continued to defend his stand and said: “there is no quick ways to success.”
Pop Dogg said it takes dedication, hard work, and perseverance are the keys.
“Pano ndinapita/ena akuti pano ndiyaitha/ Zanga zinayela/kundipeza ndimangoti thank you Jah! for blessing me yeah!” Dan Lu sings on a mixed Chichewa and English Work So Hard song.
Dan Lu is very talented and one of the hardest working artists in the industry.
The sweet Banana hitmaker was just a perfect fit for the song and a lot of people with same beliefs like ours will relate to the song.
The aim of the song is to motivate people to work hard. I believe God blessed everyone with different skills; it’s up to us to utilise such talents to make revenues, said Pop Dogg.
The single which is produced by Mau in the UK will produce a music video that will be shot in the Republic Of Ireland later this year.
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