To be utmost candid, there must be something about the family of late Pres Bingu wa Mutharika’s family habits. They are ones that die hard. His brother Peter, who was named due tenant at Malawi’s plot no. 1 by a tearful Justice Maxon Mbendera – chairperson of the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) – is surely not some weak mind to overlook the very mishaps that contributed to his brother’s downfall.

We at MaraviPost, if his academic credentials and international repute as regards his exploits in the field of law are concerned, consider him a doyen of leadership – one with all what it takes to lead Malawi, one of the world’s poorest countries from poverty to prosperity.

Like his brother Bingu used to say time and again, let, and we expect Peter’s works of his hands to speak for him. He is someone who has been welcomed to the Malawi presidency with more pessimists than optimists – yes; but the fact is that Peter can be someone Malawians will live to remember for good things if he plays his cards well.

Already, Mutharika has proved to be a staunch personality – someone who does not succumb to unnecessary pressure as far as performing duties of the highest office in the land is concerned. About more than two weeks now since he was elected President of the Republic of Malawi, Peter has only made one ministerial appointment – that of Goodall Gondwe, who was made Minister of Finance and Economic Planning. The way he is handling the whole saga shows that he is a man with genuine focus.

That is a good sign, a very good sign.

We, at MaraviPost, hope that Peter recalls with vividness that it was the first term in office that decorated his brother Bingu as a star. Because of what he did and was trying to accomplish, everyone was at his side – defending him –, a thing which saw him winning with a landslide victory in 2009. But tables turned the other way round the second term when Bingu started becoming, and eventually became some good-for-nothing totalitarian administrator.

So, Peter must have all these things at the back of his mind if he wants an easy ride and, of course, sleepful nights at State House the next five years.

Peter’s announcement on Friday that he is going to be holding a traditional wedding, and likely an actual state wedding thereafter with his “long time best friend and confidant” Gertrude Maseko is one of the worst decisions he will make ever. Of course, he has done such decisions before. His decision has been, to be most truthful, a rushed one.

The announcement, issued by the State Press Office on Friday, 13th June, 2014 only suggests that Peter is another would-be great plunderer of public coffers. Otherwise, why didn’t he wed before he got elected to power? Does it mean that he couldn’t support a wedding from his own pocket?

Peter must always ask himself the question: do Malawians want their taxes spent on nonsensical things as state weddings?

Since this is already water under the bridge, we, at MaraviPost, advise Peter to reflect carefully on all decisions he is going to make if he wants his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to remain in power after 2019. DPP has fought a good fight in the bygone May 20 tripartite elections, let Peter not spoil the hard work so easily.

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