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Prince Harry snaps: ‘I want to go home!’

TORONTO-(MaraviPost)-Just weeks after Harry and Meghan Markle’s shock royal resignation, reports have already emerged suggesting Harry, 35, is having second thoughts about the move.

Prince Harry snaps
Prince Harry is said to be struggling with the move

The former senior royals and their baby Archie have forged ahead with establishing a new life in Canada. Meghan,
38, in particular, appears to be relishing her new-found freedom and is busily making future plans for her career as well as the Sussex Royal brand.

But an insider exclusively tells New Idea that Harry is said to be “struggling to cope behind closed doors” – and it’s become a source of “tension” for the couple.

But an insider exclusively tells New Idea that Harry is said to be “struggling to cope behind closed doors” – and it’s become a source of “tension” for the couple.

“He’s starting to have grave doubts about his decision,” the source reveals.

Not only is Harry reportedly struggling to adapt to life outside the palace walls, but he is also said to be worried about Meghan’s desire to start working straight away so soon after relocating their lives.

While Meghan has always spoken out proudly about her various projects, Harry could fear that his wife’s plans for Canada could become overwhelming for their family – especially after such a big change.

And while the duke and duchess are determined to live as private citizens, there is also mounting concern that the royals will struggle to deal with the ongoing attention.

As a clear sign that he’s not coping, the source claims that Harry has become a recluse.

“Harry’s barely left the house since arriving back in Vancouver,” the insider revealed.

“[He] has retreated into a shadow of the man he once was – staying in bed for hours during the day, refusing to take calls from concerned loved ones, avoiding social arrangements with Meghan and generally acting incredibly distant and down,” the insider adds.

However, there is one person who has been a surprising beacon of support to Harry – his brother, Prince William.

Harry and Wills had barely been on speaking terms just prior to the royal exodus.

It is well documented that the brothers had a falling out in the lead-up to Harry and Meghan’s 2018 royal wedding after Wills allegedly expressed concern about the whirlwind romance with the Hollywood actress.

At the time, Harry is said to have felt slighted by his brother’s remarks, interpreting them as Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton being unsupportive of his relationship with Meghan.

But in the aftermath of his recent exit, Harry reportedly had “an emotional phone conversation” with his brother, admitting he now understood his brother’s concerns.

“He’s admitted William could have been right about being influenced by Meghan,” the source adds.

Wills has reportedly sprung into action to help his younger brother.

“William’s now planning to jet to Canada alongside one of Harry’s best friends, Charlie van Straubenzee, amid their growing panic over his mental state and fears he could be heading for a full-blown breakdown,” the source reveals.

The source adds that William has also enlisted the help of Harry’s ex, Cressida Bonas, who also allegedly speaks regularly to Harry. The source adds that she too holds grave concerns about Harry’s welfare.

“Cressida Bonas contacted William in a panicked state of frenzy last week after fearing Harry was about to snap,” the insider says.

“They all agreed an intervention needed to be staged in a bid to save Harry and try to get him and Archie back to the UK before he hits rock bottom and is in so deep he’s unable to ever turn back.”


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  1. Y’all really should be ashamed of yourselves. At least call this what it is….lies and fantasies made up by wanna be journalists who couldn’t get real jobs and resorted to this crap. It’s sad really and I feel sorry for the “writer”.

  2. 1. William said and did nothing while they were in the UK and did nothing when Harry was stripped of everything that mattered to Harry and now he wants to he a hero. I call bullshit.
    2. Snatching a child from his mother unnecessarily? There can be no greater sin and shame on anyone who supports the idea.
    3. If my hubby was regularly talking to an ex I sure as hell would not be happy.
    4. That an ex would try to get the brother who actively harmed my ex to rescue him from his wife and family and destroy a marriage and kidnap a child. What kind of morals are these?
    5. PR people have recommended they let the press calm down and work on thwir next steps.

  3. Harry

    Your Part of canada now
    Is no need for crying let’s be a big man now you’re a father now take up your position and be a man.
    Get yourself a six pack of beer and cheer for your favourite hockey team it’s not the Flames for goodness sake cheer for someone else

    The little woman wants to be a celebrity star in movies let her have her way you can always call Grandma on the telephone or on Skype the UK is not that far away

    Look at this way you’re free you’re free you’re free now your lovely wife can work and be free just like you

    Maybe she’ll get you in the movie harry

    Cheer up now marijuana is now legal in Canada so maybe you could put some on your pizza or whatever

    Look at it this way you got bodyguards anytime you want to take a bath or go to the bathroom the boys will be with you at all time cheer up Harry have a beer and don’t cry because you’re homesick be a father and you have a child

    • I think Meghan should be more concerned and help him in a way that both are content. A marriage requires both husband and wife working together. Shame on her if she allows Prince Harry to become so withdrawn.

    • Harry you were raised a Royal and Loved Your Home, don’t do this She knew where you lived and who you were and now why does she want to control You. I have a daughter-in-law like your wife. It’s always someone else never here changing. GO HOME

  4. Meghan was going interviews for PR, Agent, and movie and talk show contracts during the weekend she of he baby shower. She wanted to marry a rich British gentleman who could further her mediocre acting. It is not a black or white thing but her personality which is nasty and “I get what I want and to Hell on anyone else”. She steps on everyone including her child and husband to get what she wants including a Royal brand name. Before she got married she knew she was going to be part of a corporation, she totally disregard the rules, the Royals gave her a lot of learning rooming and tried to help, which she didn’t care about, so when she wanted to leave the Corporation, they took back the extras like any corporation would actually they gave her a better deal then most corporations do when someone quits.

  5. I don’t know why the couple can’t live in peace. You guys should stop tormenting their lives with your gossips. It’s even breaking them more

  6. Harry should go home, I think Megan as and is using him as a stepping stone for her career.
    Such a shame.

  7. He needs to get out of that marriage asap …no more kids with her…she got the leverage she wanted ..enough with her…she is emasculating him…

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