PRETORIA-(MaraviPost)-Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG)’s phenomenal growth rate ranks it as one of the fastest growing churches in the world.

According to information on several Christian sites, the growth of Christian churches remains below what ECG has managed since it was founded in 2010 by Malawian Prophet, Shepherd Bushiri, popularly known as Major 1.

An Atlas of Pentecostal churches indicates that Pentecostal churches are on top in conversion rates as compared to more traditional churches that have been around for centuries.

The ECG’s prophetic movement has, however, superseded the growth rate of the Pentecostal churches worldwide.

Currently, there are over 532 million Pentecostal Christians spread across 250,000 churches. This translates to a distribution rate of 2, 128 congregants per church.

This is to say that if the entire Pentecostal population was allowed to be evenly distributed to each and every Pentecostal church around the world, each prayer house would have a population of 2, 128.

The ECG, however, enjoys unprecedented population that defies odds to the extent that the South African authorities had to declare its prayer gatherings as an event than a church.

Millions of people gather at ECG Pretoria showgrounds occupying huge halls and several overflows per service.

Through massive conversion rates, ECG has become a megachurch in the shortest period of time attaining registered membership of 300,000 in Pretoria alone and millions of others attending without due registration. The church has been in Pretoria for 4 years now, with populated branches around the world.

A definition on says any church that has over 2, 000 attendees in a service is a mega church.

Going by those statistics, ECG way surpasses the service attendance of what are viewed as the world’s largest churches.

For instance, America’s and one of the world’s largest churches, Pastor Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church in Houston, USA attracts around 47,000 people in a single service who pack a stadium he purchased from National Basketball Association (NBA) franchise, Houston Rockets years back.

Comparatively, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has an average of 100,000 congregants every Sunday at his Pretoria Showgrounds.

During the midweek service of Mondays and Fridays the attendance still soars around 60,000 people.

For the past four years, the Malawian-born prophet has managed to bring an average of 120,000 people to his yearly crossover services that take place on December 31 at FNB Stadium which is Africa’s biggest sports facility.

All his services are broadcast to millions across the world on his satellite TV outlet, Prophetic Channel.

Over the past years Major 1 has planted more branches of ECG in among other countries Australia, USA, Tanzania, United Kingdom.

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