Raphael Kasambara
Kasambara- Answering charges of conspiracy to murder Mphwiyo

It would be hard to admit that we were wrong about ?Director of Public Prosecutions, Ministry of Justice Mary Kachale. News coming of the court this morning indicate that Mousy Mary Kachale is getting under the skin of seasoned and until now respected lawyer Raphael Kasambara

Raphael Kasambara, Businessman Pika Manondo and Macdonald Kumwembe are answering attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder charges on former Budget Director Paul Mphwiyo.

Kasambara being arrogant decided he was going to defend himself. Apparently he never heard the saying that “a man who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client”

Kasambara has now had two major decisions go against him. If you were counting the score it is 2 – 0 for mousy looking Mary Kachale.

First a Malawi judge after listening to Mary Kachale detail the case against Raphael Kasambara decided “YES” the famed lawyer had a case to answer and the case was bound for trial.

Second Mary Kachale petitioned the court to revoke Bail for Kasambara. After long arguments in court Kasambara lost again and he now languishes in Jail. He appeared to be not bothered when he daily updated his Facebook status with bravado. Now he knows Kachale is a worthwhile foe. She has shown her cards and Kasambara so far has been less than his reputation.

What happened this morning during cross examination, Raphael Kasambara had wanted to establish a fact that on 13th September 2013 he went to Kamuzu International Airport to welcome former South African president Thabo Mbeki and on 14th September he went to Livingstonia Beach in Salima.

Kasambara: In your testimony, you said we went together to Salima on 14 September with Mr Mbeki?

Gani: Yes

Kasambara: Are you aware that a day before I went to the airport to welcome Mbeki during my tour of duty as Minister of Justice?

Gani: Yes

Then Prosecutor Mary Kachale stood to raise an objection, accusing Kasambara of misleading the witness.

“Objection my Lord, the questioning line is misleading the witness to say two statements”; said Kachale.

After presiding Judge Michael Ntambo asked Kasambara on his question tactics, he explained that all he wanted was to ask if Gani, his bodyguard when he was minister, was with him at the airport.

“Misleading”; emphasized Kachale.

Kasambara after being Challenged blew his cool, “With due respect Madam please don’t let me lose my temper, let the court decide on this one.”

Before Ntambo made his determination, Kasambara asked for five minutes adjournment.

“Thirty seconds it’s enough”; ruled Ntambo.

Mphwiyo’s shooting on 13 September 2013 led to the unravelling of the systematic looting of millions of government money dubbed Cashgate.

He is on record telling the court that Brown Mpinganjira, a senior government official in the former Joyce Banda administration, warned him that Kasambara and another former ruling People’s Party (PP) official Hophmally Makande, had given him ‘ten days to live’ unless he honoured certain government payments.

Makande is not on trial for the case but testified that he had nothing to do with government payments.

Long time Malawi Politician Brown Mpinganjira is yet to testify.

Paul Mphwiyo still retains some iron in his body from the bullets that could not be pulled safely by doctors.

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