Ras Chikomeni Chirwa
The Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Chairperson Jane Ansah has rejected nomination papers for aspiring Presidential Candidate Ras

Written by Grace Manyika Human rights Lawyer

Malawians should learn from Ras Chikomeni Chirwa as to how to start a complaint against the government. First of all you gather the evidence `for your case; research and understand the process; study both the universal and domestic laws to rely on; find the responsible department and begin.

As Ras Chikomeni Chirwa says he has been raising his arguments against the process with MEC but did not get a satisfactory response, this being the first stage of bringing up a complaint with a government department.

As he did all that in writing he has more evidence in addition to what he demonstrated on Wednesday at MEC. Whilst others think he was there as a comic to entertain, no the guy was determined to expose the system and for the nation to see on live TV how it’s all deliberately designed to work for the privileged few.

Further, to question the drafting of these laws that conflicts with the constitution. Thirdly, to question the authority behind the decision to impose the 2 million and the reasoning behind it.

Other issues include the treatment of Rasta’s in the country, BRIAN Banda has demonstrated enough of this and it’s sickening. As he said, they are denied employment, etc. because of their image and beliefs and now his constitutional right, being required to pay for it.

Indeed where is the law to protect the independent candidates? Do they make these things up as they go? I dint get the section that requires 19 endorsements from districts. It’s like the media imposing a condition for him to turn up in a suit in Malawi colors? If only Malawians understood what the guy is trying to do and how he does it to be heard, they would not be wasting their time attacking the president, directly, for everything cause you need to address the whole syndicate that excludes the rest of the society. Am sure Jane understood what Ras was up to and gave him the platform to make his argument, because they could have easily checked with their bank, that payments have been made. Presenting a deposit slip on the day does not mean payment has gone through as one can stop the cheque or the cheque may not be honoured.

For fear of being embarrassed or being fleeced of their 2 million, many went into alliances without addressing the problem. Ras is not a coward he decided to take the establishment on. Am glad George Kasakula, unlike Brian, is beginning to understand the points Ras is raising. Ras I believe will single-handedly change the culture of fear within us all. LIKE THEY SAY NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER. RAS IS ON A MISSION. Mum was not necessarily a running mate but needed his mum nearby to shield him as he finally executes his master plan, foil the abuse of power!

Note: The beliefs of the Rastafarian are often misunderstood. To many, anyone who has dreads, smokes ganja, and plays Reggae music is a Rasta. There is much more than those three elements to being a Rasta. Rastafari is more than just a religion. It is a movement and a way of life.


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