Ms. Egrita Ndala, your organization press release has been received with mixed reactions, bearing in mind the gravity of the matter involving a high-profile person from the Party that is ruling the country.

We are disappointed in the way your office handle issues of our nation, which literally shows selective and segregative action on your part.

In the press release, you mentioned that your organization acts independently and professionally, but in our view, which is also the view of the many people in Malawi, shows that you are a kangaroo corruption busting body because one Sithole is serving a jail sentence for being found with less amount compared to what you found in Mr. Chaponda’s home.

To say that your call for duty is of no influence from the Executive arm of Government, is somehow deceitful. This is because if you were professional and independent,Mr. Chaponda would have been arrested the very day the hoards of cash was found in his house.

Your decision to ac now, is the result of tension and pressure that your bosses from Executive branch are in; they see that their open bias and favour on one of their own, has angered the entire nation and that political demographics is shifting the paradigm from regional because of angry citizens who feel betrayed by the incumbent Government.

For you to come into the open with this statement exactly shows the panic from the Executive branch.

President Peter Mutharika has for several times come into the open and backed his ministers particularly his deputy in the party that he is innocent.How can you turn around from nowhere and act this way? You are saying you took enough time to investigate this matter? Why didn’t you take Mr. Chaponda into custody in the morning? What was he doing for over three hours in your office?

If your investigations were over, Mr. Chaponda was supposed to be taken to Police same time so that you met in Court and present your case to the prosecutor, while his lawyers face the judge in the Court of law?

Whatever excuse you are giving whether you are a kangaroo body or not, but you must know your actions are destroying and tarnishing the image of the Government.

Citizens believe you are working in cahoots with Government to give an impression that you are doing your work while in the true sense l, it is a hoax.

Our group would like to sound a warning to you and your organization to know that issues of corruption and state looting, have deepened in the hearts of citizens in Malawi, in the urban and remote areas.

You and your masters must know that information is flowing like light these days, so everything taking place in the globe, reaches all the people quickly.

All the citizens in Malawi know everything people in high positions are doing against our nation, and soon if strict measures are not considered to root out State looting and extravagant spending, citizens will speak violently and massively. This is because money being stolen are depriving our nation from developing to catch up with other African nations.

However we are of the view that you need to keep your promise, follow your work ethics and display your spirit of serving Malawi; it shouldn’t be the only the few powerful people.

Malawi recently signed into law, the Acess to Information Act, there is need for transparency and openness on the way you handle corruption cases.

The time of secrets ended the day the information bill was passed in the Parliament.

Malawians deserve to know the truth.

In any way, if the arrest of Chaponda was a decoy to fool Malawians just to conceal something, you must know you made a big mistake, because all citizens are watching your steps and know because your plans have already reached social media of your intended design.

We appeal that Mr. Chaponda must face the law just as any other citizen is treated. Let the Courts decide on his case.

Our eyes are also looking forward to see if the hand of the Government is infiltrating in the judiciary.

The arms of the ACB, Malawi Courts, and the Executive are on a conundrum this time around, they have to tread carefully: Malawians are fools no more, and they are no longer afraid.

As an independent organization we look forward to you to ensure that the wheels of justice not only be seen to move, but that justice must be served.

The majority of Malawians have woken up, they slumber no more. We are watching with keen interest to see where all these cases of corruption will end up.

Saunders Jumah is a regular Maravi Post contributor

The opinion expressed in this article are not necessarily the views of the Publisher or the Editor.


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