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Retired MI5 agent confesses on his deathbed- ” I Killed Princess Diana because she knew secrets of royalty

The Late Princess Diana

LONDON-(MaraviPost)-Princess Diana – the people’s princess. She was adored by everyone who knew her, and she brought light wherever she went.

She was known for her compassion and kindness, grace and elegance. Life was cruel to steal her so young from her people, at such a young age, too.

Her death since then has affected thousands all over, especially when news of her death first leaked.

The entire world was in mourning. Even now, many years later, her death still leaves a scar in the hearts of her people.

Everyone thought, and it was investigated, too, that her death was caused by paparazzi chasing her, causing her and her then lover’s car to crash, resulting in the ill-fated lovers passing way immediately upon impact.

However, new evidence has been found. Or rather, someone has stepped forward to confess his crimes, after so many years. John Hopkins, a retired MI5 agent, has since made some terribly astonishing confessions since he has been released from the hospital on Wednesday, after being told he only had weeks left to leave.

He had kept his secrets for so long, so why is he finally letting them out of the bag? Because his demise is near, he claimed.

Moreover, many of those who were involved have already passed away; he added on as one of the reasons that he is finally confessing to crimes.


Lloyd M’bwana
Lloyd M’bwana
I'm a Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resource (LUANAR)'s Environmental Science graduate (Malawi) and UK's ICM Journalism and Media studies scholar. Also University of Malawi (UNIMA) Library Science Scholar. I have been The Malawi Country Manager and duty editor for the Maravi Post since 2019. My duty editor’s job is to ensure that the news is covered properly, that it is delivered on time, and that it is created to the standards set out in the editorial guidelines of the Maravi Post.


  1. Fake News Alert lol … This news web site is well known for its FAKE news stories …. Oh and the photo of John Hopkins is actually a photo taken in 2010 from a news report of a veterans care hospital in Australia. Its funny how this story is still doing the rounds over 2yrs since it was first published and Mr Hopkins is still alive and just released from hospital so he can die at home ….. every few weeks and months he seems to be resurrected from the grave just to end up being released from hospital to die AGAIN and makes the same death bed confession AGAIN. No one can ever seem to find out which hospital he was in, where he lived or even where he was buried inbetween resurrections and Mi5 have no records of a John Hopkins ever working for them in any capacity. 😛

  2. I always thought they were the ones who did it, but to me the hand who move all the pieces around was Prince Phillip. He hated her guts. Also you are not going to have the next king without a queen, so he facilitated the way out. The good thing is that the truth finally came out. I was waiting for this moment in history, the murder for a new queen. I really fill sorry for the Queen, I don’t think she had anything to do in this horrible act, plus the kids. The Princess of Wales said it, charles don’t have was need it in the king of England.

  3. If she knew so much what about Princess Margarets ex husband and of course Princess Anne’s ex husband. They would know a lot of royalty business. Wouldn’t they have been gotten rid of. NO I think this man is trying to take the heat of The Queen, Prince Phillip and Prince Charles.

  4. I have ALWAYS SAID, it started a the TOP! Inside B PALACE. Queen and Prince Phillip, and of course there CRONIES. EXHUSBAND, NOT TO BE OUT OF PICTURE. And YES DIANA NEW ALOT OF DIRT ON THIS FAMILY. TRUE COLORS Are coming out NOW, OVER THIS LAST YEAR.

  5. There are still far too many loose ends involving Princess Diana’s tragic death to speculate on whether or not the accident was deliberately caused by any MI5 (Now MI6) agents. It would not surprise me to find that this agent speaks the truth. I don’t for a moment believe that Prince Charles was involved. His grief & stunned look were genuine. Whilst an accomplished amateur comedic actor, I don’t think he had a talent for faking emotions. If he had, it would not have been so obvious that his marriage to Diana was in serious trouble. I wouldn’t, however, put it past other high-ups (PP?) to be horrified that the future king of England might have a non-anglican stepfather & take action. But if true, I’m left wondering why the easiest route wasn’t taken: simply eliminate Dodie. His death would not have caused the world-wide public outcry as with Diana’s death. And as Princes William & Harry were so loved by their grandparents, why take their beloved mother away from them? No, I think this conspiracy story is full of holes & nothing more than a theory fueled by unanswered questions surrounding the accident & belongs in the same place with stories of Royals being shapeshifters poised to take over the world.

    • Diana predicted her death herself that she would be murdered in a car crash and she also mentioned the royal family was not human ,
      I believe Diana

    • This is fake news, this story and gentleman appears on his deathbed back in 2017. It was proved fake then and it’s still fake news now.

  6. I think that he’s not really going to tell the world the whole truth. I think in my opinion that when some of the higher upper Royal ( ie: A couple of princes ,you figure out which two )Family dies then the world will know THE WHOLE TRUTH!!!! Why kill someone who really brought life back into a stiff and stuffy family. The world will NEVER FORGET ABOUT PRINCESS DIANE !!!! But, that’s just me stating how I feel about it.

    • I will always believe Prince Charles and the rest of the royals had their hand in her death. They hated everything about her and what she stood for. Also, her popularity and karma is coming for them.

    • There isn’t an iota of doubt in it… right from the beginning … as to who killed Princess Diana and at whose behest?
      To me for sure… it was phenomenalogical murder cleverly designed … planned and initiated right from the beginning until the end by the top hierarchy in Buckingham Palace starting from Queen Elizabeth … Prince Philips and Prince Charles. The way everything was unfolded openly and nothing seemed hidden as far as Lady Diana was concerned pertaining to secret helm of Royal Affairs inside Buckingham Palace. The last nail in the Princess Diana’s coffin was of course her several affairs including that of Dr. Hasnat and Dodi Alfaid before her life in the matter of her fate was finally to out an end to..

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