Reverend Nyondo- Re elected
Reverend Nyondo- Re elected

BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)—The longtime critic of the Democratic Progressive Party led administration, Reverend Levi Nyondo, has renewed his stance on poor governance after winning third term as General Secretary for the CCAP Synod of Livingstonia, saying the church will not relent in its fight for the voiceless.Nyondo, who has made history by becoming the first clergy to win third term in the church, vowed to continue providing checks and balances on government.

“When government has done something good, as a church we will give credit. But when it has gone astray, we will speak on behalf of the voiceless so that government corrects its wrongs,” said Nyondo in an interview with Nation on Sunday.

For a start, Nyondo accused government of not consulting people on the land bill and he promised that the vocal and vibrant synod will look at the matter seriously.

Nyondo won with 206 votes, defeating former synod moderator Reverend Timothy Nyasulu and Reverend Joseph Vaseline Mwale who got 102 and 82 votes respectively. But Mwale was later re-elected as deputy General Secretary.

The elections at the on-going 35th Synod Assemble were held at Loudoun Mission in Embangweni, Mzimba.

In the run up to the election, it was rumoured that Nyasulu got millions of kwachas from the DPP officials to buy some reverends to support him so that Nyondo should be defeated.

Reacting to the rumour after emerging a victor on Saturday, Nyondo said he has forgiven all those alleged to have pocketed money from politicinas.

Nyondo has been a fierce critic of DPP since the reign of BinguWaMutharika. In 2010 he was arrested after speaking at the funeral of former Cabinet minister Moses Chirambo, who died just days after being dismissed from the government.

At the funeral Nyondo had said it was ironic for the government to praise Chirambo after his death, when it had removed him from the Cabinet. Nyondo said that the government appeared to want the brother of President BinguwaMutharika to lead the country after 2014, but the church opposed this and would instead support Vice President Joyce Banda.

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