Observing closely on the microscope the video of the movement of the collapse of the building, one can see the fact that the building collapsed vertically with rapidity or speed that CANNOT deceive the experts in the matter.

The collapse of the building began with a descent from its own base or foundations from top to bottom, with a net propulsive precipitation force.

From such a movement, concomitant to a vertical and progressive sliding, all experts in the field recognize, at this level of the event, that this is the case of a controlled implosion from inside the building by the weakening of the pillars supporting each floor starting precisely from the ground floor.

Therefore there is no case of pathology of the reinforced concrete causing the collapse of the building as clearly observed in the image.

For that to be the case, one has to prove on the contrary that there is:

1- An unstable seismic geology in the area of the event or at the boundary of the incident and a reference to a similar case that took place in the perimeter area.

2- A cracking of the vault

3- An alteration in the transmission times of continuity between the reinforced concrete columns supporting each floor and the entire building.

4- An error related to the input of data into the computer by the designer.
5- A deficiency in metallic reinforcement.
6- A crack in a few places.
7- A miscalculation of the bar systems
8- A frequent and persistent abnormal dimensional variation of the porous materials constituting the concrete as a result of ambient temperature … etc.

Such elements are not proven or demonstrated. However, the images generate a lot of assumptions to be confirmed.

One can well see, with enough investigation on the video, an airplane that looks like a Hercules 130, which flies several times around the building and at each round a visible reduction of altitude is observed up to the fourth and final round following the collapse of the building. By the way it should be noted that in the third round of the aircraft, it flies about three meters away from the building, but parallel to the angle of the last floor in the sight of an observer facing the building.

This is systematically contrary to all the rules of civil and military aviation (except for a military exercise routine or training)
For a specialist in this matter, what could this mean?

It is clearly concluded that this is a controlled demolition of an unstoppable technicality because of the use in this case of a transceiver system with a sophisticated technology.

This means therefore that explosive-receptors had been placed in specific locations of the building to react and identify the signals emitted from the plane. But if the receivers do not detect or cannot find the information (signal) conveyed by the transmitters, the parameters of calculation have to be corrected constantly until both of them agree. That is what could explain the multiple rounds of the aircraft around the building. In such instances chemical lasers are used because they do not require electric power. Chemical lasers are able to deliver an intense energy radiation, precise directivity and maximum luminous flux focusing on an object and a given surface that represent their prime target.

This explains why in these types of situations there is after a chemical reaction caused by the energy released by the laser beams in contact with building materials such as reinforced concrete and its components, the metallic reinforcements and even the structure of the concrete and others.

Much more one must know that the components of a reinforced concrete contain highly chemical substances. It can be found, depending on the quality and type of cement: Clinker, calcium sulfate, limestone, bauxite, kaolin, pozzolan … etc. All these substances have different chemical loads.

Thus, when the laser beams are transmitted on materials, hence the building, then there is an optical oscillation environment in a light amplification ambience to maintain the oscillations and cause an elevation of the atoms to a higher level, triggering a chemical chain of reactions in the materials.

In this configuration, this explains why the concrete is transformed, in most of the time, to flying dust and ashes causing a concentrated dust looking like dirty-white on one hand and the other like a blackish smoke, which could probably be the disintegration of an explosive.

In the case of this building, certainly chemical laser radiation beams were directed on the pillars of the building in order to weaken them through receptors capable of provoking an implosion causing the collapse.

Now, it is absolutely important to ask the right questions such as:
Where does this aircraft come from? What was-it looking for at that precise moment and at that point? Who are the passengers? Why was-it flying around the building? ?These questions are crucial and the answers must be found before even searching for the accomplices because they are paramount for the investigation. However it should be emphasized that these questions fall completely within the competence of a legal representative and more precisely of the lawyer in charge or a similar person.

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