TB Joshua
T.B. Joshua-

Summer Aku a nigerian YouTube personality asks why TB Joshua’s church the SCOAN is growing fast. Joshua has been accused of using JUJU but is that the real reason. Followers of Summer give their reasons below.

Sexy Damsel: yes he helps the poor but charity begins at home I’ve been to his church but there are lot of children sleeping on the cold floor and plastic chairs at night at his overflow building but he’s building schools in Mexico and Pakistan and just because he helps the poor doesn’t make him a man of God just saying b4 he’s follower attacks me Abeg just saying

Black To Grace: Nigerians are easily impressed by those who claim to perform miracles even though there is no evidence. The fact that there are so many disabled people in the streets and ill in hospitals there, they never wondered why these so called miracle performers don’t heal these places. The fake pastors seem only to perform ‘miracles’ whilst in their buildings never out of it.

Monica tb:Hi Summer! I can’t say am a follower of TB Joshua because am a follower of only God. But I do watch his messages a lot because I like his teachings, he teaches a lot about Love, forgiveness, helping each other, he is humble and simple and he is a philanthropist this are the things I see in him and that has help me with my living.

Olanusi Akintayo: Honestly,I have been at SCOAN a number of times.I am not a member but I must say the truth of what I saw. Worshipping at SCOAN is like worshipping in heaven. A place you go by 4:00am and come back by 9:00pm yet you feel like the service should continue till eternity. Unlike many churches,there are no big men seats. All are equal before the Lord.No woman is allowed to sit at the front row to avoid detractions. There are no emphasis on money!money!! money!!! TB Joshua doesn’t talk about money yet people give to the ministry cheerfully.I think what attracts me to that man is his simplicity and humility.He is an embodiment of humility. His messages are just as if Jesus Christ is the one preaching.Those messages are heavenly bound messages unlike other churches where they tell you about dominion, possesing the world, bla! bla!! bla!!!.I am saying what I saw and not what I feel or what people tells me.TB Joshua doesn’t live big.He lives in the church premises with his wife and his workers just like Jesus Christ did with the Apostles. The church charity work across the world is equal to non and yet you will never hear any noise about it.The man use to scold the worshippers by telling them they should not come to God because of miracles but because of their love for God. If there is any preacher who is Christlike in heart and in deeds that I have seen in our contemporary world,it is TB Joshua.

Sexy Damsel:Sis is talking about Tb Joshua today nice let me sit and watch lolz I watch Emmanuel TV guilty as charged thanks summer

sb ehizzo:The real sick ppl can never be allowed to c TB Jushua.. Fake Pastors, fake Prophets, fake Apostles and more gullible members and followers…

Ugo Nwamara: Once Nigeria gets a true leader… and economic growth comes in… hunger reduce..and literacy increases.. u will see true worship of God in Nigeria. for now.. people move where their needs can be solved. not worship of God. that’s why they go both to juju and church. lol


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