Nice try, Mr. President but he could have done better; he seemed to have been talking from ‘talking points’ without expounding on most of his points. He just started started topics without going into details. On subsidy, for example, by abolishing coupons and introducing biometrics he didn’t say how this will fight fraud, corruption and indeed political expediency that have been dogging the programme.

On international relations, he just rushed through it. He could have been bold enough to take us through why we got here, from his brother’s crazy declaring the British top envoy ‘persona non grata’ to Ama’s destructive ‘cashgate’ thing.

By the way, the President should be told to take it easy on water intake. He guzzled close to 20 glasses of water in quick succession. He could easily choke on it! If you think I am being overly picky, watch how terribly he was caughing towards the end. If the speech had been 20 minutes longer we could have witnessed a national scandal.

And that much water in so short a time and in winter for an old guy like him can easily induce a quick trip to the washroom, not too good for a president. Kamuzu could sit for hours without visiting the loo!

Again, he should keep his handkerchief stuck in his pocket. Consistently wiping his face belies a tensed up person! He was shifty and kept hugging the dais, it can easily toss over and take him down with it, not good for the cameras!

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