Before travelling for a special official mission, Corporal Benjamin Gabriel of the Nigerian Police Force, had been given a copy of one of Prophet T.B. Joshua’s sermons, known as an ‘MPG – Mouthpiece of God’ titled, You Must Be Born Again. Although he had never visited The SCOAN before, after reading the message, his faith in Christ Jesus increased. He took his photograph by faith and placed it inside the sermon leaflet as a point of contact for God’s intervention in his life.


He then placed the sermon leaflet inside his travelling bag and said he believed that the yoke in his life was broken, in Jesus’ name. While he was on the special assignment, armed robbers suddenly surrounded him and his fellow officers and started firing at them at close range. The officer beside him was shot dead instantly and others were severely injured. Corporal Gabriel shouted the name, “Jesus!” as bullets flew towards him, tearing through his combat boots and uniform. They continued firing at him at close range and he continued shouting the name, Jesus.

As the armed robbers continued firing, they were shocked to see the bullets ripping apart his uniform but not piercing his body. The Corporal started firing back at them but they rushed forward and collected his gun. The armed robbers then shouted to each other that they should kill him but the power of God came upon Corporal Gabriel and he marched towards them with boldness and collected their guns! He recalled, “They collected my AK-47 and I collected their AK-49s!” Full of fear, the armed robbers ran disarmed and in confusion. The enemy in his life had been paralysed and demoralized.

Corporal Benjamin Gabriel, the bullet-proof officer, showed reporters the very uniform he wore that day. The uniform is full of bullet holes, including his underwear but miraculously, not one of the bullets had entered his body! The bullets destroyed his boots but his feet were untouched! He said that when he told the Commissioner of Police in his State and his superiors, they couldn’t believe what had happened and questioned him about his unexplainable, unharmed and untouched body. He showed them his photo, inside the sermon of Prophet T.B. Joshua from The SCOAN. “God made my body bullet-proof!” was his ecstatic reply.

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