It does not require a Clairvoyant, Telepathist or a graduated political scientist to fathom the DPP’s victory come 2019.

If the existing political trend has any bearing on how DPP is likely to perform come 2019, which I believe is the case, it will remain a dream of tall order to expect any other party than the ruling DPP to win.

Not the said MCP would win the 2019 elections. I will tell you why. Dont talk about PP-it will be a waste of time. Much worse is any attempt to talk of UDF which is dying a natural death. Follow me:

There were baseless allegations that the DPP rigged the 2014 elections and negotiated its way to the State House through court. 

If only this was true, the reasonable expectation was that the DPP would not win the recently done by-elections. But what happened? The blue party scooped almost all contested seats. Reality and truth were eventually vindicated.

The claim which is placing MCP as a likely winner of 2019 polls seems to be founded on a mere ‘crazy’ prophecy by a ‘crazy’ Prophet – Austin Liyabunya. 

Quite laughable!

Much as the fame-digging astray prophet coincidentally predicted what has, before our very nose, come to pass, it is a mockery to guarantee that every nonsense he spits will reflect reality.

We have political forces in place which mostly dominate the course. No matter how unfair before the pretending men of God such forces may be. They are their to dictate shape.

How will the MCP savor post-democracy victory while it is trite that it proved itself incapable of making in-roads in the south while the DPP, on the other hand, proved capable of infiltrating other regions such as centre, north and east which form strngholds of the opposition parties?

Has the MCP now found its much-needed magic pill? 

My opinion, persuades me to suggest that unless the MCP and PP enters an electoral alliance, talking of its victory in 2019 elections will remain a dream of unreacheable height.

At least DPP, is indicating to posses strategic intel political staying power to claim another victory come 2019.

You can mark this date if you like: 19th October, 2014.

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