At the end of the 1980s, the Chilean National football team traveled to Brazil for a FIFA World Cup qualifier for the 1990 competition. All the World Cups are available at sports betting in Nigeria – 1xBet site. However, there was a bizarre incident that would end the career of one of Chile’s greatest goalkeepers ever.

Roberto Rojas, nicknamed Condor, was the Chilean keeper back then. During the match, which was very heated, he complained that he was hit by a flare thrown by a Brazilian fan. He left the field with injuries all over his face. Not only that, because all the Chilean team abandoned the match as well.

However, things would have an unexpected turn. It turns out that later Rojas confessed that all the incident was staged. True, a flare fell near him. However, he had a hidden knife and cut his own face himself. Later, he blamed the flare for his injuries. The result? Chile was banned from participating in the 1990 and 1994 FIFA World Cups. Everything about these competitions is at 1xBet Nigeria site – sports betting in the country.

The goalkeeper who refused Manchester United for his religion

Many people follow the Argentinian national football team. It is possible to wager for it at The squad has produced some legendary goalkeepers, such as:

  • Ubaldo Fillol;
  • Amadeo Carrizo.

The name of the star of this story is Carlos Roa. He was the starting keeper for Argentina back in the 1998 FIFA World Cup. He is probably well remembered for stopping many penalties in a shootout against England during the competition. His performances were so good that none other than Manchester United showed interest in him. However, he refused the offer. The reason was that he wanted to retire from football, so he could dedicate himself completely to his religion. 1xBet is the best place to bet on the Argentinian national football side.

Villarreal’s one-day coach

Villarreal is a team that constantly puts interesting performances in the Spanish La Liga. This tournament and a great live casino is available at 1xBet. This is a sad story, because many years ago, the team announced Manolo Preciado as their brand new coach.

However, to the shock of everybody in the team, and of everybody who knew Preciado and enjoyed Spanish football as a whole, Preciado passed away the next day due to a heart attack. He wasn’t able to coach the team for a single training session, let alone a competitive match. May Mr Preciado rest in peace. In any case, the casino live 1xBet is an excellent choice to enjoy besides the thrill that the Spanish La Liga can bring.

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