BLANTYRE (MaraviPost)—Three female reps in the Big Brother Hotshots were evicted on Sunday, bringing to five the total number of housemates evicted so far since the continents’ only reality show got underway on October 5 in South Africa.


Surprisingly, all the evicted housemates are all females. On Sunday Lilian from Nigeria, Sabina from Kenya and Esther from Uganda were booted out of the House. Last week, Resa from Zambia and Mira from Mozambique were the first contestants to be evicted.

Malawi reps in Big Brother Hotshots Mr 265 and Sipe were not nominated, spared because their musical extravagance team had performed well and all members in that team were exempted from eviction.

On Sunday, Lilian, known for her seductive dancing tactics, said she was “shocked” to be booted out, while Esther from Uganda also she was also shocked but said what she could do.

Kenya’s Sabina said: “I regret I have to leave now.”

There are now 21 housemates remaining, including the two Malawians. One of them stands a chance of winning $300,000.

The reality show has no winning formula, but viewers from Malawi think their reps will need to up their game if they want to be counted and stand the chance of walking home with the coveted $300,000.

“Our guys are too quiet for Big Brother…hardly are they seen talking and doing something positive,” a Chinyonga township watcher, Rudo, told Maravipost.

She added: Mr 265 is hardly there, I have yet to see his impact that explains why among the housemates nobody nominated him for eviction.”

Mr 265 is a popular disc jockey known locally as DJ Malik, while Sipe, and is a hairdresser.

Another viewer, Rebecca, from Chilimoni Township in Blantyre, says he feels disappointed with Mr 265 performance so far. “Whether it’s a tactic or being too quiet typical of Malawians, I don’t know. But he is quite for our comfort although I know Big Brother show has no formula for success.”

Another viewer, from Chilinde in Lilongwe, thinks this year’s show is technically a talent show.” It will be judged on talent rather than looks and other acts,” Noel said.

Africa’s only annual reality  show got off on an explosive note in South Africa on October 5 with 26 contestants as Mozambican saxophonist Laveda stole the thunder in a talent show and became the first head of House to be immune from eviction.

This is the first time that Rwanda is participating in the Big Brother show. There are 13 countries, with each country having two reps.

The show will run for 63 days. It normally goes for 91 days, but the fire delayed the opening.


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