Peter Mutharika
Mutharika; addressed as life president

Someone yesterday asked a very good question on his facebook wall; how old was minister of Sports and Culture Grace Obama Chiumia when Malawians aggressively and massively fought against the life presidency of Kamuzu Banda in 1992 and 1993? Chiumia’s deliberate slip of the tongue suggesting that President Peter Mutharika should be life president is ill-timed and misplaced, probably the most stupid thing anyone can suggest to Malawians in this era. Three cabinet ministers Aaron Gadama, Dick Matenje, Twaibu Sangala and MP David Chiwanga are among those who died in their quest to curtail the life presidency of Kamuzu. Chakufwa Chihana and Bakili Muluzi are among those who risked their lives to fight the life presidency of Kamuzu.

So, for Mrs Chiumia to suggest that APM should be the life president, whether it was just a joke or mere political rhetoric or something else is a bad joke and bad political rhetoric. She should be telling her boss how to fix this broken, unrepairable and chaotic economy. She should be telling her boss that whilst the president and herself have electricity and water 24/7, thanks to tax payers, the rest of the nation is plunged in total darkness without water 24/7.

When Lilongwe had electricity the whole day on Sunday, it was news all over. Mrs Chiumia should not get excited with her job as a cabinet minister. She is not the first minister and she is not the last minister. These positions are temporary and one day she will find us down here, she will never stay on top forever. The body language of the Democratic Progressive Party officials and cadres show that given a chance, they would have APM rule forever as life president. If you post here a matter of fact for instance the state of our economy or electricity and water, they come with full force defending the indefensible although they themselves are in darkness as they write and their toilets have no water.

It started as a rumour that Bakili Muluzi wanted to stand for third term, then an idiot regional governor said it as mere political rhetoric before the issue was brought in parliament to amend the Republican Constitution; thank God the vote was defeated by three votes, the symbol of the powerful divine power of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit otherwise Bakili would have been at the helm up to now.

This is why we take her apology with a pinch of salt, we think the president and the cabinet sat somewhere and discussed this matter. They might have sent Mrs Chiumia to test the waters. This is why we are saying NO to this stupid idea, Malawi was not created for the Mutharikas to rule forever just as it was not created for Kamuzu, Bakili or Joyce Banda to rule for life. This nonsense must stop now!

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