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Top 10 powerful pastors in the world….surprisingly TB Joshua, Bushiri miss out

Top 10 pastors in the world


By Nenenji Mlangeni

WASHINGTON-(MaraviPost)-It is not a great secret that religion plays an essential part in our lives. African continent takes leading positions in the ranking of the most powerful pastors in the world, done by a very prestigious American magazine.

Surprisingly, populous Nigeria Prophet TB Joshua and South Africa-Malawian based Prophet Shepherd Bushiri are missing on the list.

Top 10 most powerful pastors in the world

At the time when the parishioners of churches hope for recovering or wait for a miracle, these powerful pastors demonstrate their power and thought to be the national celebrities?

Read the rating and find out the name of the most famous pastor and the most powerful pastors in the world according to online publication.

  1. Tshifhiwa Irene

This female pastor is a very popular televangelist.

She is from Venda, the province of Limpopo, South Africa. Her career started in the Christian Worship Centre (CWC), Maniini Thohoyandou in Venda. This organization grew from Apostolic Faith Mission Thohoyandou.

When she grew up, she continued following her beliefs. Her life was full of initial signs of spiritual future in the church of Jesus Christ. In 1990, she was a part of leading prayer groups.

She was married but had no children.

Between 1990 – 2001, she worked for Standard Bank of South Africa. Soon, she left it and went into the divine services under the CWC.

At present, Pastor Tshifhiwa Irene owns a church in Venda, South Africa and is the leader of the World Restoration Service for World Peace by Jesus Christ.

  1. Joel Scott Osteen

Joel Osteen cannot miss in any list of powerful pastors. He is one of the most popular pastors in the USA. He is a televangelist and the author of numerous Christian books, who has more than 7 million readers around the world in more than 100 countries.

He was born in Houston, Texas, in the family of a pastor with five more children. His primary education included Humble High School. After that, he studied radio and television communications at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma (which he soon left without getting a degree).

Coming back to Houston in 1982, he decided to create his TV program that will translate his father’s sermons. Seventeen years later, in 1999, after his father unexpectedly died from a heart attack, the young pastor had to cope with his fear inside and hold a full-length sermon at Lakewood Church. After he started preaching regularly, the number of people coming to his church increased.

Osteen puts emphasizes on the power of a positive attitude and love. He says that one should concentrate more on God’s goodness rather than on the sins. This pastor is famous not only in his occupation but also as an author of a book “Your Best Life Now” that saw the world in 2004 and soon became a best seller.

When Joel Scott Osteen spoke about his attitude toward prosperity, his opinion was that “prosperity” seemed to be God’s wish to bless people for all good and healthy life. For him, this notion would never be connected with money, because he had never prayed for such a reason.

  1. Toufik Benedictus Hinn

This pastor is mostly known as “Benny Hinn”. He is also a televangelist, of Israel origin. People love him thanks to “Miracle Crusades” – a faith healing summit, which is usually held in a stadium and translated throughout the world.


Hinn originally comes from Jaffa, but the Arab-Israel War made his family move to Toronto, Ontario, Canada. When he was a young boy, he showed a great interest in religion.

One of the most memorable events he was present at was a “miracle service” by the evangelist Kathhryn Kuhlman in Pittsburgh. This great personality was the one he had never met before, but couldn’t miss listening to her “healing services”.

In 1983, the road led him to Orlando, a city, where he founded Orlando Christian Center. He thought himself to be a man, appointed by God, whose main mission was to conduct healings in his church. Soon he started to hold his “Miracle Crusaders” on a large stadium.

Benny Hinn is thought to give sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf and heal people, suffering from cancer and AIDS. He is also known as the author of Christian books. “This is Your Day” is one of the most-watched Christian TV programs, held under his participation.

  1. Chris Oyakhilome

Oyakhilome is the founder of Christ Embassy and is widely known as “Pastor Chris”. His sermons are translated into 143 languages and attracted more than 40,000 faithful people to his church. It now includes politicians and entrepreneurs. He is one of those famous Nigerian pastors, who have thousands of followers around the world.

This pastor became well-known thanks to many healings, his philanthropic work, including help to the poor, and a high level of spiritual development.

One describes him as a speaker, who can motivate people through clear and wise messages of hope. As it often happens, Pastor Chris didn’t avoid numerous controversies and scandals because of his healing miracles.

Pastor Chris is the author of the daily devotional “Raphosdy of Realities”, which is now distributed all over the world.

  1. Prophet Uebert Angel

He is a British Zimbabwean spiritual leader and a business person. This intelligent person became famous thanks to the activities of the Spirit Embassy, an organization he is the founder and leader. His name is a synonym to “miracle”: wonders, healings, and signs of divine nature.

His original name is Uebert Angel Mudzanire. He comes from Masvingo, Zimbabwe. Due to some life matters, he left for Manchester, England.

In 2007, he created the Spirit Embassy ministry there. A few years later this ministry was re-named “Good News Church”. Recent years prove that people greatly adore his church: it has got 33 branches in 15 countries.

His social side of life is as busy as the spiritual one:

he launched such projects as Miracle TV and Good News TV;

he is the founder of Osborn Institute of Theology;

he created Club Millionaire Limited, specializing in concierge services in Britain;

he also established Sam Barkeley Construction and the Angel Organisation;

he founded The Millionaire Academy (to tell people how to run the business on their own);

Uebert Angel and his wife pay much attention to charity projects in Africa and Asia. To help poor children get scholarships, they founded Uebert Angel Foundation. Their Free Earth Humanitarian Organisation is aimed to help poor people satisfy their daily needs.

  1. Bishop Ayo Oritsejafor

Ayo Oritsejafor is one of the most influential pastors in Nigeria. He has made considerable investments in transportation, the banking system, real estate, and the media. He owns the International Christian channel (African Broadcasting Network), which one may see throughout 75 countries.

Ayodele Joseph Oritsegbubemi Oritsejafor, who is known as “Papa Ayo Oritsejafor”, was born in Delta State, Nigeria. His mother was a strict Christian and asked God to give her a child.

When he was born, none words were heard from him until he reached the age of five. It was a strange matter because even doctors didn’t know the reason for such behavior. Finally, when he started to speak his language was clear and right (as if compared with the child of the same age).

This young boy grew up and was elected to be a president of the CAN. He vigorously defended quality, rights for freedom and existence of the church in Nigeria. The pastor got several awards for his human initiatives and actions aimed at peace. He released many books, which relate the power of church and faith.

Ayo Oritsejafor was one of those leaders, who helped less privileged to gain the scholarship and get more skilled at the times of terrorism. People also know him as the founder of Senior Pastor of World of Live Bible Church Delta State, in Nigeria.

  1. Marion Gordon “Pat” Robertson

Pat Robertson is an American media mogul, politician, and executive chairman. He may know this pastor as the host of “The 700 Club” – the leading program of the Christian Broadcasting Network. Robertson launched it in 1960.

In 1988, he founded the Christian Coalition. A significant number of organizations arose under his promotion of conservative Christian ideals. He is the founder, chancellor, and CEO of Regent University and the American Center for Law & Justice.

He comes from Lexington, Virginia. How did Robertson get the name “Pat”? The answer is rather easy. He had a brother, who liked patting his chicks (when he was a baby) saying “pat, pat, pat”.

He got a good education at Washington and Lee University and joined the Marine Corps. In 1960, Robertson started the Christian Broadcasting Network, which is now seen in more than 180 countries and broadcasted in 71 languages. He has released a large number of books, but the most best-selling one is “The New World Order” (1991).

Robertson is also a businessman, who owns companies all around the world.

  1. Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye

Pastor E. A. Adeboye is one of the famous pastors in Nigeria. His belongs to the Redeemed Christian Church of God.


Pastor E. A. Adeboye was born in the village of Ifewara, Osun State, Nigeria. His family was rather poor financially and included parents and four children. Enoch showed a great desire for education, but they didn’t have enough money. Sooner or later he persuaded his father to sell a goat to make money for studies. The only missionary school in that village was a starting point for his rise.

He was keen on science and mathematics. Later he got a Bachelors (BSc.) degree in Mathematics at the University of Nigeria, a Masters (MSc.) Degree in Hydrodynamics and a Doctorate Degree (Ph. D.) in Applied Mathematics at the University of Lagos.

Enoch Adejare Adeboye’s career began from a position of a lecturer of Math at the universities of Lagos and Ilorin.

In 1973, he decided to devote his activity to religion, got involved in the church and started propagating the gospel. Later he was formally anointed pastor. His duties at Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) included translation of the sermons into English. He also took part in organizing Bible Study gatherings, Revivals, Crusades, evangelistic programs and Outreaches.

After the death of Papa Akindayomi he took the leadership at the church. At the same time, he was giving lectures at the University of Ilorin, Nigeria, soon he gave up teaching and ultimately got engaged with the church.

At present, he occupies the post of the president of Redeemed Christian Fellowship.

  1. Bishop David O. Oyedepo

David O. Oydepo is currently president of World Mission Agency Incorporated (WMA) and a Christian Ministry Organization.


He was born in Osogbo, Nigeria in a multi-national family. However, the upbringing of the young boy was done by his grandmother, who taught him to pray and other vital things in life.

At school, the abilities of this young pupil surprised his teacher, Betty Lasher. Further, he studied architecture at the Kwara State Polytechnic and even worked with the Federal Ministry of Housing in Ilorin. His later education includes Ph.D. in Human Development at Honolulu University, the USA.

He also managed to found three universities, without any state assistance: Crown University at Calabar, Covenant University in Ota, and Landmark University at Omu Aran.

1n 1983, his wife at the age of 22 and he decided to join the church and became a pastor. All the teachings managed by Oyedepo belong to the so-called “World of Faith Movement”. He criticizes corruption and poor leadership in the government of Africa. Among the most famous books by the pastor are: “Possessing your Possession”, ” Born to Win” and “Pillars of Faith”.

At present, he is the head of Living Faith Tabernacle, in Ota. This church is said to be the biggest church auditorium in the world.

  1. Kenneth Max Copeland

Kenneth Max Copeland is the most popular pastor in the world, and the first in the list of the most powerful pastors in the world. He is a public speaker, an American author, a musician, and a televangelist, whose main aim is to help people and change their lives through the power of God’s Word. His Texas-based Kenneth Copeland Ministries (KCM) specializes in biblical teaching.


This pastor was born in Lubbock, Texas. His childhood was full of dreams about becoming a pilot. In 1967, he entered Oral Roberts University, where he became a chauffeur and pilot.

At present, he is the leader of “Believer’s Voice of Victory.” His Ministries operate on a 1,500-acre campus, including various facilities for the community.

The most famous pastors in the world are a perfect example of how the power of faith does miracles. Honest belief made them find the right way in life, become stronger and help other people to get complete healing. May God continue blessing these powerful pastors.

Maravi Post Reporter
Maravi Post Reporter
Op-Ed Columnists, Opinion contributors and one submissions are posted under this Author. In our By-lines we still give Credit to the right Author. However we stand by all reports posted by Maravi Post Reporter.


  1. While prophet Bushiri,T B Joshua
    ,Alph Lukau,Angel Obimni of
    Ghana,Obuafo-1 Ghana.while are they not among the powerful men .what is so special,that they do n the others do not ?

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  5. Tb joshua is the powerful holy Spirit, dynamic man of God he has true miracles in this present day really he is man of God he is number one in the world his miracles are exclusively

  6. TB Joshua is the most powerful man of God I’ve ever seen in this day. I wish that he could visit the us, this man is highly annointed by God. He has blessed many people in many countries and all over the world with deliverance by the power of God. All of the other Pastors have labored, but I haven’t seen any of the following pastors carry the same annointing of Bishop TB Joshua.

  7. Why not! Some of the preachers you listed are true MOG while some need to be delivered becuz some of them will preach messages to get members and money only …. while some like TB Josh. And the rest will stand for the truth… He even removed the overflows and told members to look for other living churches and join becuz he is not looking for members but souls that will go to heaven, the churches that saw increase in there members within that period means that they indirectly received new members gift from TB Josh…2Tim:3 says it all…No doubt this is the last days.

  8. Sad…in God’s sight no person who works for d Kingdom of God is no.1..all are equal…so no need to compare n d riches they earn in Jesus name has to be used for those in need n they will be no.1 n follow on judgement day.

  9. Jealousy is a serious thing
    Tb Joshua is number ONE. Way more powerful than Joel Osteen and Kenneth Copeland

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