Stock trades

At this point, pretty much every regular Joe is familiar with the term investing. People around the globe are constantly looking for new ways to make some extra income, and thanks to the new opportunities we have because of modern tech, investing in the stock market is everyone’s game. While the activity might have seemed too complex for most people to grasp in the past, we’re now privy to excellent trading platforms that make things a whole lot easier. So, if you’re one of the many people looking to start trading, here are the best platforms you can go for.


As one of the largest online trading platforms in the world, Ameritrade is a safe option for both newbies and veterans residing in the US. While the platform has plenty of room for growth, especially when their mobile experience is in question, it does an excellent job of providing one of the most important resources new traders need – education! If you’re new to the world of trading and want to poke around for a bit and experiment, Ameritrade offers users a chance to do this without making a deposit!

There are plenty of things on the Ameritrade platform that users can get excited about, with one of them being the free stock and ETF commissions for users in the US. Another one is the excellent mobile platform that most users prefer these days! While there are some issues users face when switching between the mobile app and the website, the mobile experience provides excellent features that cover pretty much all grounds.


Another platform that manages to do a great job on the education front is Plus500. With an unlimited demo account at their disposal, new users can take their time learning the ins and outs of trading until they’re comfortable enough to start making profits. Of course, this isn’t the only reason Plus500 is on this list. The broker offers a large variety of CFDs that cover everything from shares to forex options! On top of this, Plus500 doesn’t charge any commission and has no deposit and withdrawal fees, making it one of the cheapest options you can try.


There’s a reason why eToro is rated as one of the best trading platforms in the UK and beyond by, and it’s because the broker can virtually do no wrong. In essence, eToro is the definition of variety. The broker has multiple asset classes, covering markets across the world. Users can buy stocks from companies in the UK, US, across Europe, and much more! Additionally, the platform has access to more than 250 EFTs, several cryptocurrencies, and commodities that include oil, gold, and natural gas!

Of course, what gives eToro an edge over the competition is the social nature of the platform. You can keep up with the progress of other users easily, view their investment portfolios, and adjust yours to better match the ones of seasoned pros. The passive investing tools on eToro are very next level. If you’re feeling very confident about the choices particular users are making, you can use the Copy Trader tool to mimic all of their ongoing trades. If you want to sit back and relax while others do the hard work for you, this is the perfect approach.


If you happen to come from the US, then there’s no way you haven’t heard of Robinhood. The trading platform is arguably the most popular one in the US and has a massive user base that exceeds 10 million users! The reasons for this broker’s popularity are pretty straightforward, it’s easy to use, it’s cost-effective, and it’s been around for a long time now. Additionally, like most of the other trading platforms on this list, the users can but stock on Robinhood commission-free.

While all of these things are pretty high achievements, there are some things about Robinhood that you should keep in mind. The most important one relates to the stocks themselves. The majority of the stocks on the platform are US-listed, with only a small percentage coming from other markets. If you want international shares are what you’re after, some of the other platforms on this list are a much better choice.

Interactive Brokers

We’ve already discussed how most of the platforms mentioned on this list are excellent for beginners, but if you’re a trading veteran looking to make the big bucks and treat yourself to some luxury, Interactive Brokers is the one for you. Interactive Brokers is filled to the brim with advanced trading tools that most beginners will be confused by. On top of this, the platform is insanely diverse at both different approaches to trading and trading markets. As of right now, it covers over 100 markets in 33 countries!

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